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is tim duncan the greatest PF ever?

is he?

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    The thing is, in my mind, Ducan isn't a power forward. He's a center. His height, and reach give him a distinct advantage over shorter guys who weren't as long, like Malone, Barkley, etc...

    Tim Duncan is a tweener, who can play either position. Malone and Barkley could only play the power forward spot.

    As far as bringing up the fact that Duncan has three titles, while Malone and Barkley don't have any, there is one very important thing to consider. Duncan never had to square off against a team led by Michael Jordan. Jordan kept Barkely from winning a ring in his finals series versus the Suns, and then he did the same thing twice against Malone in consecutive finals with the Jazz. Could Duncan have beat one of those Jordan led Bulls teams?? Very doubtful. Also, one of those titles came against a terrible Knicks team, in a strike shortened season. So you can basically throw that one out. Also, the title they won against Kidd and the Nets, was nothing like having to play against those great Bulls teams.

    Also those that argue that Barkley and Malone, had guys like Kevin Johnson and Stockton to get them the ball...Parker, and Ginobili aren't exactly chopped liver themselves, and make Duncan's game much easier. Basically what this all boils down to is that Tim Duncan was in the right place (San Antonio), at exactly the right time (after Michael Jordan had already retired).

    Tim Duncan...the best power forward ever??

    If so, it's only because he's had lady luck on his side.

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    Welllllll... there easily is a few compelling information that Tim Duncan is a center. This comes from a activities Illustrated tale revealed in the previous this season: "2 weeks in the past, formerly recreation a million of the series against the Jazz, Popovich became asked whom he'd be beginning at center, and he spoke back, "Tim Duncan, like we've for the final 15 years." And subsequently the lamest ruse in cutting-edge NBA historic previous finally got here to an end. After 2 a protracted time of being stated as a potential forward, of exhibiting up on All-action picture star ballots as a potential forward, of engendering debate approximately whether he's already the wonderful ever on the 4, the Spurs have come sparkling. Tim Duncan's a center. continually has been." became Pop being extreme, or became he only taking part in yet another recreation on the medias cost? i do no longer understand, I wasn't there. Duncan has had countless opposition in the low submit. Shaq and Garnett and Howard are all going to the HOF. Gasol is probable headed there too. Bynum has been erratic, yet he could desire to become super. Stoudamire became a rigidity for some years with Phoenix, till he wrecked his knee. If something, the super adult adult males from the ninety's have been puffed up. Malone and Robinson post enormous numbers yet could desire to on no account grant whilst their communities mandatory them maximum. Ewing became no longer something particular, the only reason he have been given any interest became through fact he performed in manhattan.

  • To all the other answers: KG is not fundamentally sound although he is one hell of a player. He is just as good as Tim Duncan but not from a fundamental standpoint. That's what 4 YEARS OF COLLEGE can do for you. KG can't control a game like Duncan. And please don't include the teammates that KG had to play with. Duncan won 3 rings with practically different players. KG can shoot freethrows better and has a better mid-range shot. KG is more of a character than the boring, stone-faced TD. And Karl Malone was nothing without the pick-n-roll play and he shoots too much to be considered a power forward, but he was dominant so I'll give him that. Between those three you have to give TD the edge and make Malone a close 2nd. In the end, rings matter and the score is TD=3, KG+Mailman=zero.

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    He has spent half of his career playing center, so he might go down as the greatest center of all time. On the merits, I would have to lean toward Malone right now, simply becuase he played at such a high level for so many more years.

    Having said that, Duncan will assuredly retire as the greatest PF to ever play the game. He is an extremely efficient scorer and rebounder, and is arguably the best defender in the game right now. Imagine if Ben Wallace suddenly put up Duncan's numbers of offense. That should illustrate how much we tend to overlook defense.

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    This guy is stronger than a power forward, quicker than a center. Loves the bank shot. Plays very good defense. Have been a back to back MVP. Have 3 rings(possibly 4). If he didn't continue playing college ball, and started in the NBA on his sophomore year at wake forest, he could have more rings (twin tower combo dynasty of SA). The only thing he couldn't accomplish is to win back to back championships. Stats doesn't matter, this guy is selfless, teams comes first. Any other PF that compares to that is the greatest. Maybe, just maybe, we are definitely looking at the greatest PF.

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    Its a toss-up between him and Karl Malone.

    I'd give the edge to Duncan because he's got 3 rings.

    And to the guy who answered Chamberlain, Wilt the Stilt did not play PF, he played Center.

    And to the taco and burrito answering guy, I noticed you failed to come up with a better player. If you don't think he is, then who do you think is a better PF?

    And to the people who keep saying that the Spurs wouldn't be able to defeat the MJ led Bulls. With the NBA rules during Jordan's time, no. The rules were custom made for Jordan to allow him to be more dominant. You were not allowed to set up zone defense and had to play everyone man to man. The league knew nobody could handle Jordan man to man. In today's rules, Jordan would not be able to dominate against the Spurs' zone defense. The Spurs' defense would grind him into taking bad shots and turnovers, just like they do everyone else.

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    1.) 3 champ rings

    2.) Played his era with S Oneal, KG, Amare, etc., who are very good big men.

    3.) Always a member of the All-Defensive Team and has missed the All-NBA Team only once (last year)

    4.) His type of game is very simple that you can teach it to promising youngsters.

    5.) Karl Malone played great because he had a PG beside him named John Stockton

    6.) KG couldn't win a ring, or even a Conference Title.

    7.) 2 time MVP

    8.) LArry is a 3

    9.) Malone never won a ring, and MJ was not a PF

    10.) His late 1st round pick/second round pick/ undrafted teammates are much better with him around (just ask Parker, Bowen, Ginobili)

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    Including what he does in the playoffs and the fact that the spurs are a force each and every year, there is nobody in his league except for maybe Karl Malone. Nobody besides Duncan, year after year has put up numbers like that and been so dominant for so ling, but his lack of playoff dominance like Duncans puts Duncan over the top.

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    Simply put, yes. He can dominate down low on offense and defense, his accolades speack for themselves. Can anyone even remember a playoff series where Duncan has been shut down. His career stats are beter than KG and has awards and rings malone would give his right arm for. Can u say that Tim Duncan has a for sure hall of famer on his team like Malone did. Dirk is a choke artist and couldn't win when it counted. 3 finlas MVP's u can't argue woht that it trumps any of Malone's or Kg's accomplishements hands down. Sir charles was pretty good too i would put him above dirk but under kg and malone.

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    I don't think you can ever say he's a #1 when someone like "Wilt the Stilt" dominated the game scoring a hundred points in one game. You could make an arguement for #2, but I like Malone in that slot. You have to remember, Duncan doesn't have to carry the Spurs, he has a great supporting cast.

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