Home work Help plz Inventons of 1960s-1979?

Does anyone know any inventions that came out in 1960-1979 and maybe a little bit about it also if you can leave a site of where I can find more it would be really helpful


also if someone knows any books that came out in this time and a synopsis or summary of the book it would be really helpful to share it with me

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    there are quite a few to choose from and can find more about these at wikipedia.org

    1960: Laser: Theodore Harold Maiman

    1961: Optical disc: David Paul Gregg

    1961: Cochlear implant: William House

    1962: Light-emitting diode: Nick Holonyak

    1962: Space observatory: Ball Brothers Aerospace Corporation [8]

    1963: Computer mouse: Douglas Engelbart

    1967: Automatic Teller Machine: John Shepherd-Barron

    1967: Hypertext: Andries van Dam and Ted Nelson

    1968: Video game console: Ralph H. Baer

    1960s: Packet switching: Paul Baran and Donald Davies, independently

    1969: ARPANET (first wide-area packet switching network): United States Department of Defense


    1971: E-mail: Ray Tomlinson

    1971: Liquid Crystal Display: James Fergason

    1971: Microprocessor: Federico Faggin and Marcian Hoff

    1971: Pocket calculator: Sharp Corporation

    1971: Magnetic resonance imaging: Raymond V. Damadian

    1972: Computed tomography: Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield

    1973: Ethernet: Bob Metcalfe and David Boggs

    1973: Genetically modified organism: Stanley Norman Cohen and Herbert Boyer

    1973: Personal computer: Xerox PARC

    1974: Rubik's Cube: Ernő Rubik

    1974: Hybrid vehicle: Victor Wouk [9]

    1975: DNA sequencing by chain termination Frederick Sanger

    1975: Digital camera: Steven Sasson

    1976: Gore-Tex fabric: W. L. Gore

    1977: Personal stereo: Andreas Pavel

    1977: Cellular mobile phone: Bell Labs [10]

    1978: Spring loaded camming device: Ray Jardine

    1978 : Spreadsheet: Dan Bricklin

    1970s: Leaf blower in Japan

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    Aside from the pet rock (which really isn't an invention) the personal computer came out during this era. Up to this point all computers were large bulky units that took up rooms. The transistor changed all that and computers were able to be placed on desks and in small homes. The first popular computers were the TRS Mark IV and the Apple IIe. These two computers set the benchmark for all computers that followed because or their styling, compact size, and affordable price.

    Another great invention of the era was the Compact Disc. Everything up to this point was either a tape or an LP (record). The CD revolutionized the music industry. Although Cellular Phones were actually invented in the 1940's, the restrictions from the FCC kept them from actually coming out on the market in the USA untill the 70's. Motorola and ATT were competing for the frequency that became the cellular bands. I doubt that one will actully work because they were really invented in the 40's.

    Books like "That was then this is now" and "Rumble Fish" were from this era. You would be much better off to get the synopsis and notes from sparknotes.com.

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    how bout posi traction, electric windows, guided missiles, atari, starwars.....

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