Husband's ex paying child support will it continue when child is in college?

My husband's ex-wife is paying him child support for their now 19 yr old daughter. She will be going to college in August and we (he) was wondering if he had to also pay child support or if his ex still paid the child support and for how long? I've read that its until the child is 21, but I've also read that its until the child is out of college. She plans on going for at least 6 more years. She'll be 25 they really have to pay her at that age?? Any help anyone can give us will be greatly appreciated. By the way, we live in NY state


My husband doesn't care about whether or not he pays. Right now his ex-wife is the one paying child support. Their daughter decided to come live with her dad and I when her mom's husband decided to abuse her mentally. Her mom tries to get out of seeing her and thinks her dad should be paying everything. She works for the state bringing in almost $2000 every 2 weeks, but yet only pays $88/week child support....doesn't sound right does it???? No, because it isn't. My husband doesn't have an issue paying child support to his daughter when she goes off to college, but when his ex-wife says she's taking him to court to make him pay--that's not right. You don't know the situation and I can't begin to explain the mess here. Oh, and his divorce decree was written up by his ex-wife in one of those quicky do it yourself divorces and it says nothing about support through college.

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    It totally depends upon what state you live in- all states are different.. also, what is in their divorce decree -- if it doesn't state during college-- then , no, you don't pay during college. but - depends upon your state..

    heres a link to see what the age of emancipation is in your state.

    everybody that says that he should pay forever is full of it. the mom maybe isn't even going to help the child through college-- daughter is maybe going to get a job during college-- she will take out loans -- so, don't go off on the dad for wanting to know when the child support ends.

    New york is 21- so, it will be until she is 21. that sucks.

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    Usually the rule is child-support stops and the age of 18 or the graduation of High School, which ever happens the last. So if the child is still in H.S. and has turned 18, child support continues until graduation, but if the child has graduated H.S. but is not 18 yet, child support continues until the 18th B-day. But every divorce is different, it should be layed out in the divorce decree.

  • Sue F
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    He really has to read through his divorce decree. Some child support ends upon the attainment of adulthood, and some will continue until the child is twenty one years of age or completes undergraduate college.

    I can also depend on the state where the divorce was granted.

    If your husband does not have the paperwork stating all these factors with his divorce decree, he needs to speak with a lawyer.

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    Wow, my husband only has to pay child support until his twins are 18yrs old, which is on July 1, 2007. The twins go to college in the fall and my husband and his ex are each paying for one of the twins through college. After the twins are 18yrs old, they are no longer minors so his ex wife gets no more child support, which was ludicris to begin with, since the twins live with us every other week for the last 6 years but my husband didn't want to go back to court.

    Your husband and his ex need to look at their divorce settlement papers. Most child support stops at 18yrs of age.

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    Unless it is stipulated in the divorce settlement that he is to pay child support until the child graduates from college then no he doesn't have to pay. Child support ends when the child graduates from high school or if the child quits school then the support stops when the child turns 18. If he is going through Domestic Relations then he should contact them about it.

  • kp
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    First you need to read the court order and see specifically what it states and then you need to talk to an attorney.

    But, yes, in the state of NY child support continues until the age of 21 even if the minor is not in school (it’s the only state where that’s the case, and I personally think it needs to be changed) UNLESS the minor is emancipated prior to that time (and they can self-emancipate by moving out, establishing their own residency, being financially responsible for themselves, etc).

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    Its all about money isn't it? Everybody wants to stop supporting their child at the earliest convenient time for them (the parent).

    I didn't need a court or a law to decide for me whether I was going to help my 2 children go to college. I am not a man of wealth by any means, but I saw to it that my kids got to go to College and better themselves at great expense to me financially. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

    I think you shouldn't worry about the age limit and concentrate on the childs well being. Why can't both sides agree to help get the child through College, it is so important.

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    What does it say in his court papers? It states right there who will paying the cost of college and who if anyone will be paying child support. I can't believe he never even read the papers he signed! What if it said in them that he was to support is daughter until he was dead and buried? READ the papers.

  • Gina
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    NO child support stops at age 18 period the only child support anyone will be paying is Back child support..if any is due.. talk to a child support agency they will tell you the truth..they know their business no worries..

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    Read the divorce papers. All are different.

    Contact an attorney..maybe the one who did the divorce. Nothing better than legal advice.

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