what is the diffance in a brook,stream,creek?

my son asked me I don't know

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    Creek (UK and India)

    A tidal inlet, typically in a saltmarsh or mangrove swamp. Alternatively, between enclosed and drained, former saltmarshes or swamps. In these cases, the stream is the tidal stream, the course of the sea-water through the creek channel at low and high tide


    A stream smaller than a creek, especially one that is fed by a spring or seep. It is usually small and easily forded. Brook and stream are mutually exclusive terms, with a brook being characterized by its shallowness and its bed being composed solely of rocks.

    A stream, brook, beck, burn, crick, or creek, is a body of water with a detectable current, confined within a bed and banks. Stream is also an umbrella term used in the scientific community for all flowing natural waters, regardless of size.

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    the diffance in a brook, stream,creek is really size and location. Brooks tend to be found in mountanous areas, while streams and creeks are found just about everywhere. As for size brooks are usually shallow and only a few feet across while streams and creeks can vary from not much bigger than a brook to resembling a small river. Where your from also plays into this, as regional dialects dicate what people refer to the local body of water as.

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    a brook is the same as a stream,but a creek I think is a bit bigger than a stream.Tell him he can fish in any of the three.

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