Which London airports Ryanair and EasyJet fly out of? Can you easily transfer between Heathrow and Gattwick?

My wife and I would like to travel to Italy or France, but to reduce travel costs. I think it may be cheaper to fly from the west coast of the United States to London, and then fly on Easy Jet or Ryan Air. Most transoceanic flights go into Heathrow. But, I don't think that the discount carriers use that hub. Thanks for your help.


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    Just go right to their web sites. They tell you exactly what airports they fly out of at each city. In London Ryan Air flys out of Stansted. And it is very easy to transfer by train to downtown London and bus out to Gatwick or Heathrow. But both web sites are very user friendly!

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    Ryanair do out of luton and stansted as do easyJet as well as having some services from gatwick.

    National Express coaches operate frequent services between the different airports which go direct and avoid the need to change in central London.


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    Well some flifgts do,fly out of Heatrow.There is a very good shuttle service between both airports.

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    Heathrow Ryanair

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    Tube from Heathrow to Waterloo then train to Gatwick

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