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Does literature effect industry or does industry effect literature?

Have you ever read a book and had that philosophical quandary, have authors such as Ray Bradbury, Jules Verne, Ayn Rand and others inspire industries progression; or are they the true masters of innovation? Did they read Fahrenheit 451 and say "hey yeah, a hand scanner... lets do that!" Did they 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and decide the submarine would become common place? Have our scientists, mechanical engineers, and inventors been tearing their ideas from books one page at a time? Have authors been secretly directing society in its evolution into the future? Or is it merely a parasitic relationship?? hmmm... now if only someone would write a book about me finding a million dollars!

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    Culture drives literature, literature affects perceived needs, needs drive commerce, commerce drives industry.

    Authors sit in solitude attempting to find the balance between personal view and commercial success. Many great ideas never make to a publisher's desk. For example, Gene Roddenberry had many great ideas for a sci fi series. Universal had him work out all of the details as to how it could be done then passed on his proposal. They stole his ideas and had someone else create LOST IN SPACE. Gene didn't give up and went on to create Star Trek. From his series many nerds went on to create, cellphones (communicators), PDAs (tricorders), the Internet (Star Fleet Command - networked computers. Not really, the military stole the idea first.) flat screen TVs and personal computers.

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    Good science fiction is reliable and well-researched. Which means that, in order to find information on, say, fusion rockets, that information would have to exist. Which means someone, (almost never the writer) has already looked into that topic. But sci-fi writers are the creative ones, so they are the guys that think of using a fusion rocket for interstellar travel, sucking up the small amount of hydrogen in space for fuel. So it's a joint effort.

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    The relationship is way more complicated than that... Good science fiction inspires people to pursue careers in science and engineering, and with enough knowledgeable people around, things just start happening...

    In 1993, Milwaukee School of Engineering awarded an Honorary Doctor of Engineering degree to Canadian actor James Doohan, who played Montgomery Scott (or simply Scotty) on Star Trek. The reason? More than half of their engineering students named Scotty as one of the reasons they entered the field...

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    It is a symbiotic relationship.

    Just go with the word flow and the book about you finding a million dollars will probably be an autobiography.

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    literature makes people to think and inovate and modrenise the industries due to requirements, its practical thinkings,, for instance,, there was the invention of car run on patrol ,,now they are trying to achive cars to run by generationg its own power,, i mean no patrol no electricity , no sun light to be used ,, its the demand of things that makes us to inovate and modrenise the things, and when we write it for others it becomes literature ,,,,,,

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