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Why is Israel bombing Lebanon?

I'm so sick of war...why can't people just leave each other alone.

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    Israel is bombing, but not Lebanon. They are attacking Hezbollah, a terrorist organization that is based in South Lebanon. Hezbollah has continued to launch rocket attacks against Israeli civilian targets, and Israel has tghe right to defend itself.

    Hezbollah is a group of outlaws, funded and backed by Syria and Iran, and to a lesser extent al-Queda. The Lebanese gov't doesn't even want them there, cause they do nothing but cause problems, and their own military and police is too weak and underfunded to actually root them out themselves. In August when Israel invaded they were actually welcomed by the Lebanese gov't b/c Israel had the potential to root out Hezbollah.

    This is Israel's war on terrorism. Hezbollah started in the 80's to oppose Israel's occupation of Southern Lebanon, and they pulled out about 5 years ago, however Hezbollah continues to attack the sovereign nation of Israel within Israeli borders.

    Imagine terrorists in Canada launching missiles into the U.S, and the Canadian government couldn't stop it. That is what is happening in Lebanon and Israel right now.

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    I doubt that Israel might nuke'em, yet i think of that the Jewish state might pummel Lebanon into the dark a protracted time applying usual weapons. bear in mind, Lebanon is so close to to Israel, a nuclear bomb dropped there might probable have damaging effects for the Jews. Plus, Lebanon has no longer the reducing-component conflict device made ordinarily by way of Uncle Sam, like the Jews do.

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    It's not Israel that is bombing.

    Lebanon forces battle militants

    Smoke billowed Monday over a Palestinian refugee camp as Lebanese forces battled Islamic militants for a second day near the northern city of Tripoli. The clashes have left dozens dead and wounded.

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    Lebanon is fighting the terrorist let them have at it

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    well adolph...israel as usual answers when attacked!!! israel isn't bombing's muslims against muslims...23 major conflicts on the planet..all of which involve muslims against christians, budhists, hindus, jews and other muslims...check reality nazi.

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    Simple. They are a haven for terrorists. These clowns need to be destroyed-period! Good enough reason for me!!!

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    Syria and Al Qaeda backed? possibly

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    coz israel is so evil,although there r people who belive in peace in israel but they r a minority,i hope all things come to a good end for all.

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    that's were the terrorist are.

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