Why do some people consider the United States a Christian nation when it has no state religion?

I could understand if someone said that England or Norway were Christian nations because they have a national church.

Or Argentina that recognizes Roman Catholicism as their state or official religion.



the native americans were here long before them...

Update 2:

most of our founding fathers such as Jefferson and Franklin were Deists not Christians

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    My first attempt at answering disappeared, so this time I'll try to compose my answer more carefully and try not to hit the wrong keys!

    Despite the nay-sayers, including some of the others who have already answered, accurate historical records establish that the Pilgrims and Puritans fled England to escape religious persecution from the Church of England. The Colonies suffered under onerous tariffs under King George III, supported by the Church of England, and the Founding Fathers, quite reluctantly, but inspired by Holy Scripture, composed and signed the Declaration of Independence. What we Americans call, "The American Revolutionary War", England called, "The Presyberterian Rebellion"!

    Accurate historical records show that virtually all of these men were Christian believers, with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson, who is considered a Deist. Indeed, George Washington experienced what objective observers would call nothing but "divine protection" - he had several horses shot out from under him and he narrowly escaped being killed at least a couple of times when muskets or pistols either misfired due to damp powder, or for whatever reason, or the aim of the wouldbe assasin was inaccurate. Furthemore, it is well established that Washington prayed daily while General of the Continental Army.

    Indeed, George Washington experienced what objective observers could call nothing but "divine protection" - he had several horses shot out from under him and he narrowly escaped being killed at least a couple of times when muskets or pistols either misfired due to damp powder, or for whatever reason, or the aim of the wouldbe assasin was inaccurate. Furthemore, it is well established that Washington prayed daily while General of the Continental Army and would tolerate no coarse language among the troops!

    The First Continental Congress based the Articles of Confederation on Biblical Scriptures and principles of democracy from ancient Greek philosophers. When this document proved inadequate, the Second Continental Congress drew up the U. S. Constitution, to include even more democratic principles, which still did not past muster with some of the State Delegates until, "The Bill of Rights", the First Ten Amendments, was included.

    Washington refused to become King George I of the United States, and was instead elected as the first President. He continued his daily habit of prayer and Bible reading while serving as President for two terms. In his "Farewell Address", he made several references to God and Divine Providence.

    Sad to say, the liberals, atheists and the ACLU have done much to undermine the Christian roots of this nation; but "The Ten Commandments" are *still* inscribed on the walls of the Supreme Court chambers.

    I have heard at least one prominent Jewish Rabbi and other Jewish people declare that the fact that the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation was one of the best things that ever happened to the Jewish people!

    Source(s): Holy Bible, Mayflower Compact, Founding documents, Washington's Farewell Address, "Federalist Papers" by Jefferson, Hamilton and others
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    We certainly talk about it enough. But what the United States says and does are two different things. For instance we are the largest consumer of drugs and porn. Of all the states btw Utah consumes the most porn. That was mentioned on G4 a few months ago. I'm also sure more than a few of those porn/drug users owns a Bible. I think it's more along the lines that a few Christians are extremely vocal about their beliefs. I would venture a guess that the drug and porn users would rather not participate in that particular argument. That leaves the loud mouthed Christians to hog the airwaves. However since President Bush' faith based government didn't fare so well, abortions are still legal and evolution is still taught it's safe to say the porn and drug people among others weren't totally silent. I might add the United States has a 2010 TRILLION military budget. With all that money being spent on killing is it any wonder health care is having a hard time? So much for the "Christian Nation".

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    Other countries may think the United States is a Christian nation because they see our money with the words "In God We Trust." The United States does not have a national, state or offical religion. However, look at the Declaration of Independence....

    "When in the Course of human events, "....."We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator..."and the last line ..."And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

    So, I think it is obvious that the men who wrote this important paper believed in God. And some people think that if you are not Islam, Muslim, or Jewish then you must be Christian.

    I am not saying what others think or say is true. I am just trying to explain why some people would think that the United States is a Christian country.

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    Because here in England hardly anyone is religious and anyone that goes to church is seen as a bit weird. Really.

    In America (yes, I've been) people give it some respect as if it were not barbaric superstition.

    On the other hand, the "state" church here does have a ceremonial role to play. Most of us would like to change that.

    For a European, seeing the power of religion in the USA is scary. A politician who said "God advised me" as Bush has done would be laughed out of office.

    England and Norway are bad examples. Argentina (I'm informed by my Brazillian wife) is still strongly Roman Catholic. Lots of people actually believe religion there, as they do in the USA.

    Anyway, in England religion is pretty much an irrelevance. Compare that with the USA and you have your answer.

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    Read the Mayflower Compact. Read the words of many of the documents of our founding fathers. Our documents are full with Christian and Godly references.

    Our country was established without a state church, but with Christian idealism. That is, man has free will and should be able to exercise such. Yes, we had many Christians in the founding of this nation, but with the attitude that all were welcome to be a free people.

    I am a Christian, but I don't believe that we should mandate Christian law as state law, because this would not be a land of a free people, then. I do believe that much of the Christian ethic and scriptural mandates are good for everyone to abide by, but I understand that there are people who are not Christians who want to live contrary - they are free to do so, even if they are wrong.

    I would say that the United States is a nation with great Christian heritage. I cannot fully agree with those who want to make it a "Christian Nation" even though Biblical tenets are wise to live by. The founding fathers said, "In God we Trust" and, "One Nation Under God", but their actions suggested establishing a united people free to be Christian, or not.

    As far as I know only one nation, the people Israel, were a nation God said was to specifically follow Him as a nation.

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    It is written on the money:In God we trust! That speaks for its self. The united states is far most the country that spreads the gospel via radio,television,and by sending missionaries among others to foreign countries. We distribute more Bibles and reading materials than any other country. We are a freedom country and we worship God freely to those that believe. If we began a state religion than that would be like a communist state of authority.Deutoronomy 8:18.

    Source(s): We are not like any other countries and we are misunderstood most of the time. We are always giving away something and asking for nothing in return.We go broke helping other countries. Ain't that just like the Lord,he provides through us. Praise his Holy Name,I give him all the glory and praise for his unfailing love towards all men here or there. Jesus said "Give, and it shall be given unto you press down,running over,and shaken together.Men shall give unto your bosom".Luke 6:38
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    Look - Im an atheist, but I really feel the need to clear the air here. Although the Founding Fathers were not Christian persay, if you read many of the original Supreme Court decisions, you will see that this nation WAS based upon Christian principles.

    So, this is why it is reffered to as a Christian Nation. Not because of what our money says, not because of statistics on religiosity, but because the Supreme Court referred to America as a nation built upon Christian values.

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    Interesting most of the Christians who live here think it is a Christian nation.

    We have a SECULAR government. Our founding fathers, regardless of their personal faith or lack their of, were very clear Religion and Government don't mix

    England and Norway, despite having national churches are mostly atheists.

    Atheist American

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    Boy,there's an intelligent question for you. Um,you know how India is considered a Hindu country because it's predominately Hindu? And Turkey is considered a Muslim country because it's predominately Muslim? Kind of like that,Gatvold. Think boy think. Just a matter of practice. Won't hurt you.

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    Because there are some very religious people in the United States. The Christians in the United States are some of the most...religious people in their faith.

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