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What type of degrees or experience do you have to have to go into postal work? Just simply working in a post office. I reliaze that it depends on where you live, but an estimate would suffice. Also, how much money do they make?

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    Postal workers are not high paid. I don't quite understand why you would WANT to work there....you are probably a smart girl! Shoot for the stars!

    But....you don't need any degree to go into that or anything....

    A qualification for postal employment is to be drug-free. This is determined through the use of a urinalysis drug screen. Applicants who qualify on the examination and are in the area of consideration for employment will be scheduled for the drug test. All applicants will be required to take a written examination. The examination and completion of forms will require approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.

    good luck with your career choice girl!

    God bless!


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    It depends on what you want to do. If it just postal work, a GED/High school diploma is all right. You can always move up in level by experience or by taking additional courses or earning degrees. That wll also allow you to move to other positions, including managerial.

    Go to the www.usajobs.gov website and search for positions.

    The www.usps.gov website also has information on jobs. Look at the bottom of the page on the gray strip and click on jobs and govt.services.

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    That entirely depends on what kind of work in the post office you want to do. Human resources? Accounting? IT? Sales? The list goes on. Also, salary also varies depending on what you are looking to do. Be prepared for a TON of background check before they will hire you. It is the government after all.

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