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aNYOne that cares about Gas prices plz answer this question!!!?

anyone and everyone: do you think the gas prices are craZY??? go to this website and click on temature maps. This is so ridiculas!!!!!!

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    Yep, it is crazy, but what can a person do if they have to get to work and there is no public transportation available, you gotta buy gas! (If I lived close enough, I would walk or ride my bike, but it is like 20 miles to my work and I just ain't gonna walk that far!)

  • it's crazy no? it's times like this I'm glad I don't own a car or drive. the distances I have to travel are small, so I can ride a bike.

    I say, we set fire to the oil fields so there won't be enough gas left for the Earth population! then someone, somewhere, will have to do something about it. this is it, the answer is here... lol, that's almost as ridiculous as the prices themselves.

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    Of course, just as DeBeers carefully manipulated diamond prices the oil companies are controlling oil prices. They think that by throwing around increasing socio-economic theories people won't question them. Sure, India and China having increasing needs but, are supplies really dwindling or are oil companies just producing less?

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    costs are way too intense interior the U.S. they say gas costs costs $8 in line with gallon in Europe yet it relatively is via the fact Europe has a ordinary healthcare equipment that must be paid for. The U.S. does not have that. All U.S. oil revenue bypass promptly into the wallet of over paid oil executives.

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    Of course they are crazy. I paid $3.49 a gallon the other day, but I am not going to boycott. I don't live in town (I live 17 miles from the nearest town), so I can't foot it everywhere.

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    I agree with you 100%. There is no reason they should be so high especially when Exxon recorded record profits in their history (last year). It's amazing how the cost of living is increasing but our pay isn't.

  • Ooooo. Pretty colours.

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    yep the Rothchilds,Rockefellars and all the big buck ppl are padding their pockets they arent rich enough

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    It's so freaking annoying!

  • Anonymous
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    It is very ridiculous. (By the way, use spell check.)

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