i need to think of a killer or a murderer and i already used charles manson?

i need to think of a killer or a murderer and i already used charles manson i need more names. i can't think of one that starts with a s. for a school report.

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    Henry Lee Lucas

    Gilles De Rays

    Dr. Jack Kevorkian aka Dr. Death

    Thug Behram

    Luis Alfredo Gavarito

    Javed Iqbal

    Bruno Ludke

    Pedro Alonzo Lopez

    Andrej Romanowitsch Chikatilo

    Anatoly Onoprienko

    Ahmad Suradji

    Gerald Stano

    W. Wagner, S. Meyer, M. Gruber and I. Leidolf

    Vasili Komaroff

    Fernando Hernandez Leyva

    John Wayne Gacy

    Karl Denke

    Patrick Kearney

    Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot

    Richard Angelo

    Ted Bundy

    Juan Corona

    Fritz Haarmann

    Carl Panzram

    Dr. Harold Shipman

    Jeffrey Dahmer Aka. The Milwaukee Monster

    Charles Hatcher

    Randy Steven Kraft

    Alvin & Judith Ann Neelley

    Dennis Nilsen

    Frederick & Rosemary West

    Robert Pickton

    John Paul Knowles

    Richard Ramirez Aka. Night Stalker

    Albert Henry DeSalvo Aka. The Boston Strangler

    Peter William Sutcliffe

    Christopher Bernard Wilder

    Charles Starkweather & Caril Ann Fugate

    William Bonin

    David Burkowits aka Son of Sam

    Dayton LeeRoy Rogers aka The Molalla Forest Murderer

    Lawrence Sigmund Bittacker & Roy Norris

    Harvey Carignan

    Jack the Ripper

    Here you go. I hope this Helps. Also Ahmad Suradji has abbre. a.s.

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    Here are a bunch

    Son of Sam - David Berkowitz

    Ted Bundy

    Albert DeSalvo - The Boston Strangler

    The Hillside Stranglers- Angelo Buono - and Kenneth Bianchi

    Ed Gein

    The Zodiac Killer

    Aileen Wuornos

    Henry Lee Lucas

    Cary Stayner

    Green River Killer - Gary Ridgeway

    John Wayne Gacey

    Jeffery Dahmer

    Jack the Ripper

    Donald Henry "pee Wee" Gaskins

    Gary Heidnik

    The BTK Killer - Dennis Rader

    Richard Ramirez - the Night stalker

    Joel Rifkin

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    The Boston Strangeler, Jack The Ripper, The Yorkshire Ripper, Ned Kelly, Michael Ryan..... Still thinking......

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    Juan Corona. He killed several farm workers (I think 23) in Yuba City, and Live Oak Calif. in 1973

    Ted Bundy (The I-5 Killer) I think was in the early 1980's.

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    Peter Sutcliffe.......was the Yorkshire Ripper in the UK during the eighties, i think he killed about 13 women. Or Dr Harold Shipman, again in the Uk, an English doctor who killed around 250 of his clients.

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    Charles Manson didn't Kill or Murder anyone.

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    Jeffrey Dhamer (not sure of the spelling)

    Son of Sam

    Lizzie Bordon

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    I doubt it. telephone get entry to is constrained in maximum optimal protection prisons. I doubt that max protection inmates like Manson would have internet get entry to. yours extremely G.W. Bush.

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    I did a project in high school on Clifford Olsen..

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    can an organisation be a killer what about corporations these are the top in this

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