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Your P.P.V nightmare ?

Judgement Day sucked more than it should and I feel sympathy for the people who paid to watch it

That brought to my mind a question:

What is the worst WWE P.P.V you can imagine? tell me the matches and the winners

and What's up with that big A$S Samoa Joe how can people compare him to Benoit and Angle?

He has the biggest A$S in the business that he can't move normally

check this pic


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    Samoa Joe is f'n awesome. Download a video of him taking on AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels in a triple threat match. You'll see that he can move.

    Anyway, as for your question . . .

    Empty Arena Triple Threat Match

    John Cena vs. The Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan

    60 Minute Iron Man Match

    Giant Gonzales vs. Giant Silva

    John Cena & Vince McMahon vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

    The Great Kahli vs. Zeus

    Terrible Gimmick Match

    The Boogie Man vs. Glacier vs. Eugene

    Mae Young vs. David Arquette vs. The Gobbledygooker

    Yahoo! Answers Battle Royal

    Independent vs. G6260 vs. Magic Marker vs. Keiran Abdullah vs. Independent Kid vs. Swimmer vs. X vs. Holla M vs. Brock L

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    PPV nightmare....all I can say is anytime when the Great Khali, Vince McMahon and Umaga would win championships it's a nightmare.

    I like Samoa Joe, but I wouldn't compare him to Angle and Benoit. Not yet, anyway.

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    My PPV nightmare would simply be Eugine winning the WWE Title. Would actually be sort of funny if you think about it though..

    Compare Samoa to Benoit and Angle? That's just stupid. He sucks.

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    My Worst PPV:

    The Great Khali vs Jamie Noble- Khali wins in 6 seconds with headbut

    Candice michelle vs Torrie Wilson in a Kennel from Hell match ( the winner gets Chloe, Torries Dog)- Torrie wins after a DDT off the Top rope in 9 minutes

    Doink the Clown vs The Boogeyman- Doink wins in 5 minutes with splash off the top rope

    Umaga vs Rikishi vs Mark Henry vs Akebono in a Stink face Elimination Match( You r eliminated after you get stinkfaced)

    1st eliminated Mark Henry

    2nd eliminated Akebono

    3rd elinminated Umaga

    Winner Rikishi in 16 minutes

    Scotty 2 Hotty vs John Cena in a Man who thinks he is black but is white hip hop dance contest- Scotty wins

    Chris Masters vs Batista in a Muscle contest

    In the Min Event

    Funaki vs Tajiri in a Yukaza Sreet fight for the Dominant Aisan in WWE- Tajiri Wins after a buzsaw kick off the stage into a Mega Carton of pork fried rice in 21 minutes

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    I got it for MVP and Benoit, That was a great match.

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    I would have to say the PPV that i saw way back when owen hart fell out of the rafters and died....... so long nugget!!

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    It sucked more than a $2 dollar hooker/vaccum cleaner.

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