Greenville, SC???

Hello everyone!

My husband and I are originally from Souther Ohio and while we love it here because our families are here, we are ready for a change in scenery and are definately ready for a better job market.

We are considering Greenville, SC (in addition to Charlotte, NC and a few other cities) as our new home but don't really know a lot about the city.

We are looking for any insight that anyone might be able to give us on the city (besides the stuff you see in the visitors guide)

Any suggestions on Apartment Complexes, good areas of the city to live in, job market would be helpful

We are in our late 20's and are nearly finished with our degrees in Human Resources Management.

We have two medium-large size dogs...anywhere they can play? parks?

Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated!


Katy and Ryan

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    Have not lived in those areas in a few years.........but do have family in Charlotte, NC so visit often. Charlotte has a wonderful job market. A booming real estate market, unlike the rest of the country. My brother just put his house on the market and sold it in 2 weeks. We, meanwhile, are in central Ohio (Lancaster) and have had our home on the market for 3 months, without his success. We are relocating South as well. My husband's company would prefer we be in Atlanta, but I am hoping we can negotiate the Greenville area. I went to college there. It is a nice, growing, but not as large as Charlotte or Atlanta area.

    That would get my personal vote. Can get to the mountains in less than an hour. Beach in a few hours. And I just prefer the smaller city feel. Charlotte is too big for me. But many love living there. It depends on your preferences. Both are clean, nice cities with friendly people.

    My friends in Greenville reccommend the east side.

    Many young families in their 20's like the Weddington area of Charlotte, but there are many great areas there.

    I think you would be happy either place, go visit if you can.

    Go to to look at apartments. They will detail out if they are dog friendly.

    Also, has great info. and forums on cities. Go to the bottom of the homepage. Choose FORUM, then choose state/city and put in a search for areas you are interested in. Here you can get a locals point of view on those places. It has been helpful for me in our search. I have even posted questions and gotten feedback.

    Best of luck!

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