Ford Hybrid SUV?

I just purchased a Ford Hybrid SUV. Does anyone own one tell me what do u think? Any problems? I opted to purchase the extended warranty for 5 years $1300 Do you think it is worth it?

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    I LOVE the "Greenest SUV on the Planet" !

    Did you buy it new or preowned ?

    If new don't forget to take the federal tax incentive when you file for this year.

    There is a website that offers some hints on how to maximize your fuel economy.....they say that you can 'trick' it into staying in electric mode longer & that some peeps are averaging 40-45 mpg !

    I have driven these for extended periods but that was before I found these 'tips' so i haven't tested the method myself.

    Here's the link to the page:

    I don't know of any inherant probs with these. i do know that New York City has a fleet (12-15) of these ('05's) in use as taxi-cabs & they have put well over 100,000 miles on each of their fleet with no problems.

    If they can endure the 24/7 abuse of a N.Y.C. taxi.....I think they can withstand just about anything.....LOL !!!

    My thoughts on Extended warranties ?

    They are just like health insurance policies....ya hope you never have to use them....but are extremely thankful for them if you do have reason to use them.

    I have been paying for health insurance for about 30 years & never had to file a claim ! But I would not even think of NOT having it !

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