Why people think the religion they follow is best& don't ponder over other religions, to select the truth best

everybody should agree that there is only one god and interestingly, every major religion agrees with this. one god means there must be only one religion and other religions are the deviated from the true religion. true religion is from god, so there will be no scientific errors in the religious books it represents and the case will be exactly opposite to deviated religions. every religion has a concept of life after death which is everlasting, the day of judgement concept, the hell and the heaven. and eveybody knows that only those who follow true religion will be successfull in the life after death. then why shouldn't we search for true religion in this life for our success in the life after death. brothers and sisters we never know when we are going to die, but if we die on practicing true religion we will be by gods will successfull in the life after death.

please reply me..

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    The basis of believing for a true religion is in the bible of the New Testament. Read it thoroughly and understand it, then you can copnclude yourself who is a true religion.

    Because a true religion is a religion which base his teachings solely on the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament and the Old Testament. True religion have no belief on traditionss as Jesus teach, no belief on things which is not written in the bible.


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    Actually, God (as in Jehovah) never intended Christianity to be a religion like all the other religions. It is a way of a Father with His children. Man has unfortunately turned it into a religion like all the other religions. There are a many variations between different Christian religions such as does the bread literally become the body of Christ or is it a metaphor...did Adam and Eve have a navel, etc. Man (as in humans) will fight and debate over insignificant items such as these without just going to God's Word to see what it actually says instead of just believing what someone else told them it says. Same thing with life after death. Most Christian religions teach life immediately after death; however the Bible does not teach this. Rather one that dies is dead until the return of Christ or the resurrections of the just and the unjust. Some people find it easier just to follow someone else. I think in their minds it relieves them of responsibility just in case they are wrong. However the Bible says that each one of us will someday be held accountable for what we did in this life. God is a gracious and merciful God and He remembers that we are dust. However, it isn't fair to lump everyone into one category. Each person does what they believe to be best....after all; if they didn't think it was best, they wouldn't believe it. A person's relationship with God is personal and each person will be responsible for it in the future as well as how their life turns out here.

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    Most Christians, the Blood-bought, born-again, true believers don't just *think* the "religion" they follow is best. We *know* that our "way of life - a personal relation with God's Only Begotten Son" is the *only* way! It's true that there is only "One Way" and His Name is Jesus! As others have pointed out, many of us have examined and studied other religions and they have not measured up, once we came to the acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior! Personally, I was more or less brought up in a nominal congregation of the Christian "religion" and went so far away from the Lord God that I called myself an "Agnostic". (I didn't have enough *faith* to call myself an "Atheist"!) I was saved and sprinkle-baptised at age 25, baptised in the Holy Spirit by Jesus in the early 1970s, in my early 30s and baptised by total immersion in the late 1970s, in my late 30s. My faith since then has occasionally been bent, but never broken!

    Hey,"Phantom's Angel": At least we know there's one less bigot and hypocrite in the Church!

    Hey, "Vicki O": In Second Corinthians 5:8, Paul says, "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord"! Your confusion must stem from the fact that we leave our bodies behind, but that our spirits go immediately to be with the Lord. Jesus *does* come for our spirits at the instant of our physical death; but our bodies will not be resurrected until the "rapture" or "catching away"!

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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    I have studied other religions. I have a book, 'The Kingdom of the Cults' by Martin Walter. Plus I have a Koran to see if what is said is written in there, if it really is written in there. Yes, it is.

    But I was saved from a 1 yr break down by the God of the Holy Bible, so also have received the anointing that leads into all truth and isn't a liar 1Jn2:27. So, I go to the Church healed me in & listen to the Word of God preached. And follow after the Spirit to the best of my understanding and this Spirit reveals that the Spirit of the Mormon book and the Spirit of the Koran is a different Spirit than the Spirit of the Holy Bible. So, also, any cult will have a different spirit than the Holy Spirit of the Holy Bible.

    In the bible it is written that pure religion before God is to helpe the widows & orphans, etc and to keep self from sinful living.

    The word religion isn't really written about much in the bible. But the word Faith Is.

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    I did ponder them, my response:

    This is a difficult question to answer because it involves discussing some principles that the person you are witnessing to may or may not agree with. For example, does he or she agree with you that truth is knowable, that God would attempt to communicate with His people, or that only one religion may be right? Usually, I start by acknowledging the difficulty of coming to an easy answer. However, I tell them that I do have an answer; I am sure it is the right one, because it is an answer based on evidence. What kind of evidence? Prophecy and its fulfillment , Jesus and His miracles, the resurrection of Christ, etc. Then I ask that person if he or she knows of these things happening in other religions.(1) The answer is invariably, "No." Then I point out that they have only happened in Christianity. If any religion were true, Christianity fits the bill.

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    I'm sorry but you are wrong in so many ways. A lot of people have searched and found what they believe to be The Truth. Not every religion believes in One God. Not every religion believes in judgment, Heaven or Hell. Not everyone will believe as you do.

    God has allowed us to choose freely. He knows not everyone will believe. You should know that too.

    God Bless.

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    Having studies comparative religion for many years it is also a point that all religions, with the exception of Buddhism, teach their members from birth that their way is the only way and if they deviate from the religions teachings they are doomed. Buddhism on the other hand teaches that each person must find their own way.

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    "everybody should agree that there is only one god "

    "eveybody knows that only those who follow true religion will be successfull in the life after death"

    nonsense. so why do you think your view is the best and that "everybody" should agree with it. your question points to your hypocrisy.

  • You know, when someone accepts that religion is a real concept and then they go to the lengths to discover and learn that religion, eventually it becomes a 'belief' and when someone believes in something it is part of them and often they see no need to go out and try to disprove their belief rather they want to confirm it, so why would many go out and seek what they do not want to know in fear that it may disprove their own beliefs?

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    Woah, u talk about not pondering other religions and then you want to say "there is only one GOD"? You also say EVERY RELIGION has concepts of afterlife, judgement, and heaven and hell. You havn't done your research my friend. Taoism doens't have any sort of these concepts. I have looked into every religion I can find and converted from Christianity (born into) to Taoism, because it is the only one that accepts other religions as also being true.

    Many Rivers, One Ocean

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