Induction day at sainsburys??

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i am seventeen and have just got a job on the checkouts at sainsbury's. i have three induction days to attend in a few weeks and i was just wondering if i have to wear black more
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Go smart it gives a good impression .
I work in retail always say thank you !
Costs nothing but means a lot.

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thanks very much.
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  • Saint answered 7 years ago
    Why don't you ring and ask them if there is a dress code and when your start date is?
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  • suziejoy answered 7 years ago
    go to work buisness like and you will go far you only got one chance to make a first impression
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  • Dan answered 7 years ago
    3 induction days?! i only had one!!

    what store is this??

    Just dress smart, do what they say, DONT be nervous theres nothing to worry about, if i can do it anyone can, i started a week after my induction.

    Good luck!!
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  • Natasha answered 7 years ago
    I find it is better to be overdressed than the other way! so I would make a real effort and good impression.
    Good luck.
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  • bumpity-bump answered 7 years ago
    Better to be overdressed than too casual on day one when you make your first impression. How about trousers and a top with a smart jacket - if you get there and it's casual you can whip the jacket off.

    Whoever sent you the details of the induction should be able to confirm your start date.

    Best of luck - hope you enjoy it.
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  • LoveBeingAMum answered 7 years ago
    You can dress fairly casual but not sloppy.
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