can anyone recommend good books for studying USMLES?

i am a UK medical graduate and would like to do the USMLEs but would like info on what books to use, general advice about usmles and how long i should study and from those in a similar position to myself. also where to find useful info on the net re: what i will need to do as a foreign medical graduate. i already have US passport. are the kaplan courses worth it?any help much appreciated!

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    I'm not a foreign medical graduate, but this is the information I have. For USMLE Step One, I used the First Aid for Step 1 & the BRS Pathology. Kaplan's website has a site called Q-bank that I felt was really helpful. The average study time for a third year medical student in 5-6 weeks for Step 1. Two weeks for Step 2. Whether or not the Kaplan course is helpful depends on whether you are a good self studier or not. The people in my class who used it are people who learn better going to lectures. I haven't taken Step 2 yet, but all the fourth year students at my school insist First Aid CK and CS are really helpful.

    Hope this is helpful. Best of Luck!

    Source(s): third year medical student getting ready to take Step 2.
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  • 1 decade ago

    The books and the time to prepare differ widely according to ur medical knowledge level.. so no one can give u a perfect list of books or timetable..

    - The Kaplan courses are definitely worth it.. they are the golden standard for the USMLE success and the clear-cut way to high score. But u may need to read some more additional books to reinforce the weak areas in ur knowledge that u’ll find as u go through ut preparation.

    - Another golden advice is: try to do as much questions as u can.. the more questions u do, the higher score u get.. and again the Kaplan’s are the best.. i.e. QBook and QBank.. also USMLEWORLD website Question are cute..

    prepare ur self for much of laborious hardwork to cope with a huge amount of medicine stuff.. and the fact of u having US passport will increase ur opportunities to get a good position there.. gd luck..

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  • 1 decade ago

    In general, the best American books I did find useful about 11 years ago, were those of usmle BOOKS PARt I, II AND III by Appleton & Lange, editors, (besides of a good collection of gannongs physiology, and harpers biochemistry, etc)

    They are cheaper, more understandable, and directed to the exams,,,,,

    USMLE part III reqiores a special course, because it does NOT follow the pattern of answering of the parts I and II....

    Besides the Kaplan courses are quite useful (the Compass company I used, closed down years ago)....and there are trainig courses with books and personal orientation in the UK,,,,

    best of luck....

    Source(s): Personal experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    The USMLES website has a section on their website called "practice materilas"...try that out.

    Congrats on being a doctor and wanting to come to practice here in the States; way to go! I am really proud of you!!!!

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    Information is below.

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