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should I inform the company?

Recently I had a break with my friend who had promised a lot of things to me..then he cheated me. I also know lot of things about him. He is making a lot of money by cheating his company. Should I inform his company or leave it to his fate. He is a lier and a cheater too.

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    let it go...he will get what he deserves later on.....

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    As much fun as it would be to tell on him, don't do it. Karma will get him without your help, I promise you, it always does...and then you can laugh because he got exactly what he deserved all by himself...if you even care by then.

    (Better to get rid of a shady friend now, than to have someone around you with unequal or dishonest intentions...with friends like that "who needs enemies!")

    Good luck! =)

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    It's up to you love, but fate is what we live for and he will get court at it one day plus i don't no what is what so i can't say love i think that you should forget about him as he sounds like a right ****.

    You need to go and injoy your like and not his if you know what i meen Stop thinking about him pls 4 yourself.

    Source(s): Past, when i stop dwelling on it you seem to have a laugh.
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  • yes tell his co. what hes is doing . but let some one do the phone call thing. not you

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