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If Bruce Lee were alive today, approximately how close in age would the actor be to Jackie Chan?

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    Bruce Lee was born November 1940. Jackie Chan was born April, 1954.

    Lee would be about 14 years older than Chan.

    And Lee would WALLOP Chan's behind. :)

    But Chan would be funnier than Lee while getting thwacked.

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    Jackie is about 54 years old while Bruce Lee would be about 67 years old. Jackie's barely starting to become a big name in American movies. Of course Bruce died at the age of 33, and was already a rising American movie star, so he would have had plenty of time to rise to the top. Interesting to think about how big he would have been.

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    this is a legit bruce lee question- one easily found using wiki, but still legit.

    Before people pipe up about lee's fighting skills, I would ask you to refrain from making stupid comments as one lady has already done.

    I doubt any of you have seen him really fight or even spar. If your only opinion of his abilities is based on choreographed movie footage then you might as well be describing how captain kurk didn't get every std in the book when he boned green, blue and orange chicks with fins and flippers too.

    basically you are talking about fantasy and entertainment, not reality. Bruce did practice martial arts in real life, and did have some good theories and methods of training. However if you are not qualified to speak on those in detail then keep your mouth shut about which "movie image" would beat another "movie image". At least "spiderman vs. superman" or "neo vs. shaft" is a legit comparison, everyone knows its fantasy and a purely amusing discussion about fake pop icons.

    the first girl to answer here deserves the 10 pts. no nonsense, no fluff just facts.

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    Lee would be 67 this coming November (born 1940).

    Chan just turned 52 (born April 1954).

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    He would be 14 yrs older

    Lee - born Nov 27, 1940

    Chan - born Apr 7, 1954

  • well, in that case...Shaft would win.

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