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Best all around tank of World War II.?

What was the best tank that was used in World War II? Why?

Any country is fair game. It could be the German Tiger, USA's Sherman, the Russian T-34 or some other tank altogether.

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    Although I have to say the T34 was probably the best all round tank of the war I want to respond to the answerer who said the Sherman's only virtue was it's reliability. When the Sherman appeared in 1942 the 75mm gun was able to knock out all German tanks at reasonable ranges (it was out-ranged by the long 75mm on the Mk IV special though). The 'Ronson' nickname was earned not so much for the petrol engine, but for poor ammo stowage. As the war went on this was solved by relocating the shells, applique armour and 'wet' stowage. The 75mm gun was also upgraded to 76mm and to 90mm on the M36 (on a Sherman chassis) with better ammunition being introduced too (HVAP). The Sherman also benefited from a new suspension (HVSS) which gave it a better 'ride' and lower ground pressure. The chassis was also the basis for everything from flamethrower tanks to mine clearance and swimming tanks. I agree on the poor armour, but it's worth noting that the Panzerfaust could penetrate the front armour of the Panther too (I'm not sure about the Tiger and King-tiger). It's unfair to compare a medium tank against the German heavies, the Allies could not have staged D-Day using a much heavier tank.

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    Best all around tank of World War II.?

    What was the best tank that was used in World War II? Why?

    Any country is fair game. It could be the German Tiger, USA's Sherman, the Russian T-34 or some other tank altogether.

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    Best Tank In World

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    The Sherman's ONLY virtue was reliability. It was poorly-armoured, it's gun was always too weak, and it had a reputation for burning.

    The T-34 has to be considered 'best all-round': mainly because of the 'all-round' stipulation: an excellent balance of armour, firepower and mobility: the three factors that make up the tank. At any stage of the war it could defeat its enemies and withstand their attacks to a reasonable extent, and its maneuverability/mobility was always something the Germans were jealous of. It's diesel engine made it less of a 'Ronson lighter' [guaranteed to light first time]. It made 500hp and had a 76mm gun: in 1940. It was improved as the war went on: always a characteristic of a great tank. It had all the Sherman's advantages but none of its drawbacks. T-34 casualties were high due to poor training before 1944 and lack of radios.

    Second would have to be the Panther: again an excellent balance of characteristics. It was let down by being too complex and by having suspect reliability, especially the transmission. Unlike the Sherman and T-34, the Panther arrived quite late (July 1943) and could not be built in large enough numbers.

    The only remaining contender is the German Panzer Mark IV: again a reliable workhorse of a tank, used and produced all through the war. It was overshadowed by its more 'glamorous', animal-named comrades, but would have to be rated better than the Sherman (equal in armour and mobility, more firepower) but a bit behind the T-34 (much slower in real conditions, only equal in firepower and perhaps slightly behind in armour).

    One could name other excellent tanks such as the British Comet and American Pershing, or the Soviet IS-2 and -3, and the German Tigers 1 and 2: but these tanks, though formidable, were too late (Comet and Pershing) or were not good 'all-rounders' (the German and Soviet heavies). Others like the German Pz III, the British Churchill and Cromwell, and the Soviet KV1 were decent tanks that did much for their respective armies, but 'greatest' as a balance of technical superiority, practicality, ease of manufacture... the T-34 I think.

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    In my opinion, the Panther was the best. When the Germans were faced with the T-34's they realized they had a problem and tried to produce more Tigers. They then went to the Panthers, but by this time the War was almost over and they only made approx. 20 of them.

    Both the Shermans and the T-34's primary advantage was how quickly they came off the assembly line and got to the men who needed them.

    I forgot about the King Tiger. Too much, too late. Got bogged down in the Ardennes and the Germans ended up destroying most of them to prevent them from falling into our hands.

    The T-34, Tiger and King Tiger. The Sherman served it's purpose, was fast and improved it's firepower swiftly, but did not put the men's safety first (not that the Russians or the Germans did either!).

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    Don't say that the USA sided with Hitler during the war. The US eventually joined the battle against fascism/Nazism. Business and finance on the other hand is a complex sector. When trade is going so well prior to a war, why stop trading just because countries' leaders have their differences? It's not that the Americans liked Hitler so much. He was a good business partner. And besides this was probably because of the Treaty of Versailles and America wanted to help Germany stand on its own two feet again. Remember, on a similar note, Chamberlain in Britain appeased Hitler partially because of the unjust terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

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    Best Ww2 Tank

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    My German great grandfather was in ww2 and took out 35 of the t-34 tanks (he was the crew of a panzer IV) and the funny thing is that wasn't even the best tanks the Germans had. The t-34 or Sherman can't be considerd the best tank if they're only strategy to beat the Germans was to overwhelm them. So don't give me any "well it must be the t-34" cause you weren't even there.

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    I'd pick the Panzer V or Panther tank. It could more than handle the T-34/76 and T34/85, had good speed, great armor protection and worked well both in urban and open country warfare. Arguably the T-34 was the most important tank of the war, but I believe the Panther was the best.

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    The T-34 is widely considered as the best tank of World War II. When it first appeared against German forces i summer of 1941, it was a shock as they used to face an inferior Soviet enemy. The T-34 could engage all 1941 German tanks effectively.

    During the winter of 1941–42, the T-34 dominated German tanks due to its ability to move over deep mud or snow without bogging down. German tanks were unable to move over the same terrain.

    In response to the T-34, the Germans were beginning to field larger numbers of high-velocity PaK 40 75 mm guns, both towed and self-propelled. The Tiger heavy tank enter battlefields in late 1942 and the Panther medium tank by mid-1943. By mid-war the T-34 no longer held technical superiority over German tanks. Loss ratios remained unfavourable to the Soviets; as their technical superiority over newer improved German tanks were reduced. However, the few Soviet tank crewmen who survived early encounters became cleverer and battle-hardened veterans.

    Although the T-34 could not match the German Tiger or Panther tank in one-to-one combat, its abilities to be manufactured in huge numbers and to be easily maintained in difficult conditions have led many to considered it as the best tank of World War II.

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