regular reflection and diffuse reflection

What are the differences between these two types of reflection. How come the water surface is a smooth surface. How to distinguish between these reflection? Can you give me some examples of regular reflection?

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    Regular reflection is the reflection of a number of parallel light beams to a certain direction. But diffuse reflection is the reflection of a number of parallel light beams to different directions. These are brought by the different surface.

    The smooth surface of water is due to the tension and gavitational force. The tension of water tends to group the water molecules into a ball and the gavitational force attract them to the ground thoroughly, so it looks like a plane mirror.

    Althought the two reflections are different, they also obey the law of reflection. To distinguish these two reflections, we need to know the the smooth levels of the reflected surfaces. If it is a rough surface, diffuse reflection occurs. If it is a smooth surface , regular reflection occurs. For example, sand paper, table, floor and so on can take place diffuse reflection. On the other hand, plane mirror, polished metal, water surface, glass and so on can carry out regular reflection.

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