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clothes clothing geography

* cloth/clothe/clothes/clothing請問這四個字的差別?

* 很多衣服 要怎麼說呢?

* geography 的字首字源為何?

* science 可以當 自然科 嗎?

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    --Fabric or material formed by weaving, knitting, pressing, or felting natural or synthetic fibers. 織物;衣料

    --A piece of fabric or material used for a specific purpose, as a tablecloth. 布塊

    Clothe (v)

    --To put clothes on; dress穿衣

    --To cover as if with clothing 覆蓋

    Clothes (n)

    --Articles of dress; wearing apparel; garments. 衣服;服裝

    --Bedclothes. 寢具

    Clothing (n)

    --Clothes considered as a group; wearing apparel. 衣服的總稱,衣著

    --A covering. 覆蓋物

    很多衣服-- plenty of clothes

    geography 的字首字源: geo-- earth

    science 可以當自然科-- yes, 自然科學, 含物理, 化學, 生物等.

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