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Joke of the day...?

How do you marinade a shark steak?

Met snot en trane!


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So this has been posted already? Great stuff! It's good to know that there's a lot of Bulls Supporters out there. My job is to rub it in once again! Lol!

Angelpaws - het ons bietjie suur druiwe vanoggend? Ag shame!

Update 2:

Angelpaws - I bet it was like a dream come true for those 3 players because lets face it, who wants to be in the losers team if you can be in the winners team? I bet they are very happy where they are.

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    You go girl!!!!!

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    Aaag Angelpaws's, obviously you do not know anything about rugby. Let me tell you something, this year CurrieCup is going to be like the Vodacom Cup, you forget that the World cup is coming up and yes, we are going to watch the Currie Cup but we all know that the actual competition will not be the same as the previous years because of the (did you pay attention...) WORLD CUP SERIES....! So I don't think you really know what is going on in the sporting world, rather go bake a Shark Cake and eat it, like the Bulls have done so already with the team! We've won and you can't change it!

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    *yawn* Find something original... This has been posted today already...

    EDIT: Dis nie suur druiwe nie. The Bulls are incapable of winning a game by playing cleanly - I have yet to see that happen.

    And they're also incapable of developing their own stars. They have to BUY good players from other teams in order to win games... Wikus Van Heerden, Nicholas Eyre, Bryan Habana to name a few - they all came from the Lions.

    EDIT: I hope they're proud of themselves. Everybody seems to have forgotten that the Lions were the first (and only, before this weekend) team to ever have won the Super series!!

    The Currie Cup starts in June - bring it on!!!!

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    How do you make fish paste?

    Put 22 Bulls in a Shark Tank...

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    That's true. The fact that we were playing in the Shark tank still didn't change the fact that we are champions and we'll remain champions.

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    General De La Rey posted thuis yesterday, so my answer to your Q would be ditto

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    ja ja ja. whats the obsession with 30 grown men chasing an oblong leather ball around a field anyway?

    Source(s): the general has spoken.
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    had a nice shark braai on sat!!

    well done bulls

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    Avoid the biting end?

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    Good one Smiley, you are my girl!

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