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what does oshiokiyo mean?

I was just watching sailor moon and I noticed that she always says that. what does it mean in english?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "Oshioki" means punishment or scolding, and the "yo" is a sentence-ending particle that's like an exclamation point. Sailor Moon is saying, "I'll punish you!"

    Japanese speech often drops the subject when it's clear who or what the speaker is talking about, so it's not necessary to stretch out to "watashi-wa oshioki-yo," I will punish! (I don't remember the exact grammar to stretch it out even more to "I will punish you, specifically!")

    Source(s): "お仕置き actually means educational punishment for children. In the anime, a young girl says the phrase to her enemies, which is funny because she treats them as small kids."
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  • 1 decade ago

    "oshioki" means punishment .

    The original form is "shioki".

    Putting "O"letter on nouns makes it soften.

    In this case, "yo"makes it sound feminine.

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