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Washtenaw county foster parent daycare costs?

I have just turned in my application to become a foster parent in Washtenaw county. I am also a student at a University. I am single, While I am at class my mother will be watching any children that may be in my care. However I would like to have two of the four days full or part time, or part-time 2 days that the children would be in daycare/preschool program. My question is That I don't understand the information that I recieved at orientaion. Am I eligable to apply for daycare costs assistance as a full-time student. One program flyer was income based and seems to say it would pay appx.14 dollars towards care perday. I have also heard about headstart being an option. Basically anything you know or websites where county specific info about daycare would be listed.

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    Thats the joys of having family contributors who needs to look after my daughter whilst i pass decrease back to artwork. I havent long previous yet as I nonetheless have like 5 months left of maternity pass away yet as quickly as I do my mom is extra then keen to demonstrate screen her. If she will artwork it round her time table at artwork so she will babysit as quickly as I artwork and artwork while i'm off then she'll do it for loose. If besides the undeniable fact that i'm working complete-time and she or he needs to end working she suggested she will do it for $a hundred a week and she or he will grant nutrition and milk and diapers for my daughter. Cant get one-on-one daycare and each thing offered for that cost everywhere else. have you ever considered doing a homebased daycare your self? That way you are able to stay living house along with your daughter, herald some funds and you purely could take one what you are able to.

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