Showdown on World of warcraft!?

Ok, its a showdown of which class owns the most on WOW!

Which 1? What is the best spec for the class?

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    acually people say taurns are best for tanking/pvp and i concur big time +max health is nothing Dwarfs have the best Max HP and PVP..


    For Warriors

    Strength Agility Stamina Amor health

    Tauren 28 15 24 32 84

    Dwarf 25 16 25 34 90

    Dwarfs 6more hp +2 ARM +1Stam/Agit and +3 Str

    Dwarfs Abilities:

    Stoneform - active

    While active, grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor increases by 10%. Lasts 8 sec. - 3 min cooldown - Great in PVE and PVP

    Gun Specialization - passive

    Dwarves get +5 to Gun Skill

    Gunning can give more crit %

    Frost Resistance - passive

    All Dwarves get +10 Frost Resistance

    Okay for PVE.

    Find Treasure - passive

    Activate to see treasure chests on mini map - lasts until canceled - no cooldown eh.. its okay if u like finding chests


    War Stomp - active

    Activate to stun up to 5 opponents within 8 yards - lasts 2 sec - 2 min cooldown

    2 sec stun 2 min cooldown.. i believe this is a 1.5 or .5 sec cast i was trying it out a little and wasnt that useful

    Endurance - passive

    Max Health increased by 5%

    Ooo woopy... Dwarfs still out HP u

    Cultivation - passive

    15 skill bonus to Herbalism

    -If you plan on Herb this is good if not. useless

    Nature Resistance - passive

    All Tauren get +10 Nature Resistance

    Okay back in AQ40 days.

    *now the BEST classes*

    its not necessarly 1 class pwns the all it depends on the class you are and spec..

    you wont expect a 70 frost mage winning against a 70 hunter who is beast/marks because Frost lacks PVP DPS and is more of a survival. the hunter is pure PVP and somewat pve spec depending on how far he goes down.

    Good Classes.

    Horde Side:

    Undead Mage/Warlock (Leveling/Pve/PVP) cannabalize is a great spell/racial ability and will of forsaken ?? cant go wrong with undead with casters.

    Orc: People say +dmg to pets zomfg leetZors!!! Quit the game if you make a hunter orc. This is Purely Rogue and Warrior class.

    Tauren: Yes i know i just got into a speech about taur wars but they are the best tank for horde side. and Druids/shamans

    Trolls: you can take this two ways Priests for Vangaurd which is a nice spell, and hunter class. Beserking is nice for hunters.

    Blood Elves: Paladins (Blood Knights) are very buffed for the horde side with the best racial abilities.. This class Suites all.

    **Alliance Side**

    Human: Its an Eh, race I think its the best for PVE priests because of the +5 honor and the +spirit for healing and the racial ability to see ppl in stealth. Some people think Dwarfs but I cant stand playing a Dwarf and fear ward isnt worth it. But it makes Ok Rogues and warrior/pally class as well.

    Dwarfs: Rogues,Warriors,Hunters (Best for Hunters out of all races)

    Night Elf: If you make a Nightelf priest /Quitlife this is rogue and hunter

    G-Nomes: CASTERs and Rogues

    Draeni: or how ever u spell it, most of a caster class like blood elves. however good for warriors havent really give them a try but yeah.. shamans as well

    *Classes and who wins*


    Paladins are hard to level and based on over survival with bubble/heals Lacks major DPS.

    They can beat: Hunters,Warriors,Mages,Rogues

    (Depends on gear/skill comparrasin)

    Trouble with:Shamans,Priests,Warlocks


    Rogues are the overclassed everyone wants to be a rogue for white/yellow damage feared by most casters.

    They can beat:Mages,Priests,Warlocks(Sometimes),Shamans

    Troubles with: Hunters,Warriors,Paladins


    Basically a rogue with a pet.

    They can beat: Mages,Priests,Warlocks,Warriors,Shamans

    eh.. i got tired but i dont feel like deleting it if u want more info please feel free to email me

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    Tauren Warrior Specced in Arms, this is because tauren have one of the best racial passives as a tank and that is 5% extra health, and they have war stomp.

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    Undead warrior FTW!

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