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Looking for a VERY unique idea for baby shower favors...future rock star theme.?

Can anyone help me out??? Planning a baby shower for my cousin, she is having a boy. We'd like to do a "Future Rock Star" theme. Trying to find some cool and unique ideas for the favors. Can anyone help? Any ideas to make my own or places that may have something?? Thanks in advance!


Can anyone help me find a place that does custom candy bar wrappers and/or custon guitar picks? I was thinking of making a candy bar wrapper to look like a concert ticket and have guitar picks made to say "future rock star". Thanks!

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    The above ideas are great! I have an idea for a gift for the baby!! :D

    My friend did this for her friends baby. She found her friends favorite band logos etc.....made iron on patches....very small and made baby tshirts with them. So cute!

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    Hi I personally think it has all been done before. But since it will be both men and women and even though she is having a girl you can use the color theme of green, or/and yellow sort of pale, for games maybe you could do a Gerber baby food contest, Who Can Eat the Most Baby Food in the Shortest Time?, who can drink the fastest out of a bottle, who changes the babydoll fastest?, if there are not going to be alot of people give every couple or person a babydoll and have them act as if it were a real baby at the end of each game make sure to give someone their own special prize. Dont forget to add the men also. Good Luck and i hope my answer helps!!!

  • Give inflateable guitars and sunglasses. Build an awesome background and band scene where you can have guests pose for a photo. You could also have karaoke at the party. Have guests decorate photo album covers for the baby.

    A good place to get party favors is

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    The Cradle Wil Rock!!................D the invitations like the cover of a magazine...Rollin Stone?.........i did these for a basketball themed babyshower headline read " Prunty named coming MVP of the season etc.

    Buy old 45s and cover hole and use them as notes on could make Concert tickets for the invites as well. We do a cute folded napkin game where you fold napkins like a one on each guest as they enter and the guest that has the "poopy" aka mustard.........wins a prize...........if you had wild animal print or rock themed napkins you could use those.

    Serve ROckstar Martinis...or serve Rockstar right out of the can

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    blow up guitars and blow up microphones. If you have time, and old lp's you don't care about, you can take them and put them on a large can and stick it in the oven. The vinyl starts to melt and turns into a bowl, you can then use it for chips. Or unmelted, as platters.

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    write "rock my cradle of love" on ribbon. tie it on plastic crib shaped favors filled with jordan almonds. i've seen the favors at the party store.

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