East Timor?

I have some questions...

Number One: Why did Indonesia invades East Timor?

Number Two: Why was East Timorese gov't unstable?

Number Three: Did Indonesia use Fretilin as an excuse to invade?

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    Indonesia took over the territory in 1975 at the request of various anti-communist East Timorese groups such as APODETI, Kota, and Trabhalista who were pitted in a civil war with communist group Fretilin (Balibo Declaration). Internationally, US President Gerald Ford and Australian PM Gough Whitlam asked Suharto to take-over the territory to crush the establishment of a potential East Timorese communist state under Fretilin during the height of Cold War.

    Now, after President Habibie gave independence to East Timor, the place is quick returning to civil war between ethnic-"easterners" (Lorosae) and ethnic-"westerners" (Loromonu). There is now even a separatist movement within East Timor, the Republica Timor Tasi Mane (RTTM) declared by the loromonu.

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    The US funded the Indonesian invasion of East Timor. It was conveniently left off newspaper headlines during the invasion.

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