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Speech tips??

What are some good speech tips when giving a speech to a class of about 20-30? I am nervous and am horrible at public speaking. Please for the love of GOD HELP!!

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    One of the most challenging and important aspects of writing a speech is getting organized. Well organized speeches are not only easier to follow, but more memorable. It’s one of the keys to successful public speaking.

    A simple technique that I use is called the 3-of-3 method . It helps to keep the speech focused. The speech is begins with a main idea, and is broken down to three main points. Each point has its respecive supporting statements.

    When preparing a speech its important to remember the time limitations. Divide the time accross each part of the speech. This helps in knowing how much or how little information to include in each segment. For example, the ice breaker speech has 4-6 minutes alloted. When preparing the speech outline, plan 1 min for the opening, 3 minutes for the body, and 1 minute for the conclusion.

    Here is a sample outline:

    Opening (1 min max)

    Body (3 mins max)

    1. Point

    2. Point

    3. Point

    Conclusion (1 min max)

    some tips to those who are beginning their journey.

    1. Perfection isn’t manditory.

    This is your first speech. Go easy on yourself. The main purpose is to begin speaking before an audience.

    2. Watch your time.

    The first speech is the shortest. You only have 4-6 minutes. Make it short. Try not to go over time.

    3. Use note cards.

    Don’t burden yourself with the need to memorize your speech word for word. Also don’t read your speech word for word. Use note cards to help you remember key points.

    4. Practice, practice, practice.

    By practicing your speech you will feel more confident. Also you will be less reliant on your notes. Ask your friends or family to listen to your speech.

    5. Share more about yourself.

    Your fellow club members want to get to know you. Include information about yourself. What are your interests? What do you do for a living?

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): The Toastmasters
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    verify that your eye touch is roaming, yet not glitchy. concentration on one individual for a pair seconds, and then yet another. do not stare on an analogous section the different time, yet do not go searching nervously the two. save any hand strikes which you're making above the waste and below the neck, and in between your shoulders, till you're attempting to place emphasis on something you suggested, yet do not overuse the technique. do not say Um, or Ya comprehend, or Uhhh. those are undemanding speech errors because of the fact your techniques thinks quicker than you are able to talk, so your mouth is attempting to capture up. a short pause for the duration of circumstances the place you're able to generally say that is lots extra desirable and not awkward in any respect. in case you lose your prepare of theory, it extremely is sufficient to be quiet till you capture it. What sounds like 10 seconds of silence to you is in all risk purely a pair of seconds, and probably not all that awkward for the objective marketplace, most of the time they don't even comprehend you tousled. maximum heavily, you're unlikely to get stones thrown at you once you're making errors, and you will make it throughout the time of the speech. there's no desire for rigidity.

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    For the love of God. What kind of Speech class are you going to take.

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    dont picture people in thier underwear! it will make u laugh! in fact dont laugh or giggle because that is really annoying 2 everyone listening, stay calm an ull do fine!

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    the main thing is to practise and rehearse until you are comfortable with the material.

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