My African American History Essay on Booker T. Washington?

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Following the American Civil War came a self-reliant and inspiring Booker Taliaferro Washington an esteemed black educator who demanded civil reform with authority. Life was not simple for Booker T who from the minute of his birth on April 5, 1856, was brought in enslavement. Working in the burdensome salt furnace at the young age of ten with his father, while still attending school, his life had a tough schedule, which was lessened by his admission to the Hampton Institute, a school set up by rich whites to instruct newly freed slaves from the Civil War. There he worked as a janitor to pay for his school fee. Completing his time in Hampton in 1875, he was hired in the fall of 1879 to teach young Native Americans and to teach night classes for black men and women.

He was well aware of the hardships face by the common black man Booker T taught black people how to economically better themselves to help raise the African community above their current status, his ideas proved to be very effective in helping the Post-Civil War African community grow and his beliefs still are present today.

The Hampton Institute gave Booker T. the building blocks for his later endeavors. The curriculum was based on industrial arts and moral cultivation instead of intellectual pursuits, Booker T found his way around to better himself intellectually. In 1881 Booker T created the Industrial Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. Made from a worn down old church, came the leading educational center for blacks, who in the making created the Tuskegee Movement: a list of policies, views, and tactics that made Booker T. Washington the "the race leader" in dealing with the "***** Problem". From his southern small-town headquarters he showered the nation with schools and newspapers, creating a means by which the African Population could free themselves of "Jim Crow's noose" and "Uncle Tom's iron-grip". He later established the National ***** Business League in 1901 which was created to "promote the commercial and financial development of the *****". By himself, he was making a more self-confident, and more aware black man.

Washington told blacks to just accept social segregation and focus more on trying to acquire better jobs and more education because it would be better for the community as a whole. His thoughts on race relations and his burgeoning influence white northern philanthropists and had great recognition among blacks. In a speech delivered in 1895, known as the Atlanta Compromise address, he voiced antidemocratic views and endorsed segregation. Booker T. Washington's engrossment on the issue of ***** denial to citizenship enlarged tension between black and whites and made Niagara Movement (1905-1909) and the NAACP. Both groups worked to relieve the *****'s difficulty, through civil rights, political rights, and anti-lynching campaigns. Even though Washington did not openly back them, he secretly fought against racial violence and Jim Crow laws by hiding blacks from lynching mobs and sending anonymous letters of protest.

Booker T. Washington's motto was "work hard and acquire property" and whites will welcome you. By endorsing segregation and racial pride, he pleased whites and blacks. By gaining white recognition and international distinction he used these tools to help his master plan for black progress in a segregated harmony. The legacy of his philosophy still shows through his autobiography, Up From Slavery (1901),where he stood for economic self-reliance.

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    This is an excellent essay, very well written.

    Here are my suggestions:

    In the second paragraph you wrote face when it should be faced.

    In the third paragraph second sentence, you may try that Booker T saw this as an opportunity to better himself intellectually.

    In the third paragraph fourth sentence you wrote came the leading, when it should be it became the leading.

    In the fourth paragraph second sentence you wrote influence white northern philanthropists and had great recognition among blacks, you might try influence on white northern philanthropists which gave him greater standing with blacks.

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    Here's how you start the essay - by answering the question. "Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and W. E. B. DuBois, urged radically different strategies for the uplifting of their race. Washington's approach was ______; Garvey's approach was ______; and DuBois's approach was ______. According to {Source 1} .... etc.

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    I agree with the following answer. Beautiful handwriting skills. Keep up the good work.

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    Hope this helps!

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