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juices that test on animals?

does anyone have a list of juice companies that test on animals?what about Dole?

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    Dole is still and unidentified company according to PETA. I know the following companies DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS :


    Welch's (no longer conducts animal testing)

    Ocean Spray (no longer conducts animal testing)

    Naked Juice Company




    Whole Food's Brand

    Campbell Soup Company

    Wild Oats Markets, Inc.

    Organic Valley Family of Farms

    Freshco, Ltd.

    Mrs. Clark’s Foods

    Unfortunatley, Dole Corp. has not been assured as a "animal-friendly" juice company. I would not take the chance if it is unsure if they test or not. Hope I helped. :)

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    Um that's slightly a large question. Orange juice frequently is carefully harmless. Oranges are nutrition that have been eaten because of the fact that existence of them, orange juice is in basic terms the juice from those...It relies upon on the make of a drink to despite if it replaced into examined upon animals, like Ribena replaced into yet organic orange juice isn't. you ought to seem up the business corporation at the back of the make of orange juice you drink. i've got confidence makes jointly with harmless Smoothies are very solid, because of the fact they have not have been given any chemically nonesense and are thoroughly organic and that i do no longer think of they have been examined on animals in any respect.

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    I know POM Wonderful does for sure. I was not able to find any other specific companies. Incidently, POMW sent some info to their distributors saying that they no longer perform animal tests on their product, but the info was not supposed to be released to the public, so not sure how true it was.

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