How does Google detect that you are using a cell phone when you go onto their site?

Like, when you are on the internet on your mobile phone and you go to Google, it senses that you have a cell phone, and sends you to a different web page. I want to know how you do that.



Yeah, but how can I do that to my website? Do you know?

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    Its the cookies and the browser you are using. It could also be your IP address but i'm not sure. Google reccognizes your using mobile web, and re-directs you accordingly

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    Cell's internet tech is different than PCs. Mobile's browser uses different protocol (WAP) but computer uses Http for browsing. Google's server detects the protocol language.

    To build similiar concept, either you write web-programs using xml, javascript etc. Things may become easier if you download api from google or other source. Then you copy&paste codes to your code.

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    Google simply picks the User Agent of your phone and matches it with predefined user agents in its database.

    Wurfl is one such database.

    Just goto

    Here you will find api's to find the device from which an http request has come. You can then respond with the correct website accordingly.

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    The code of the server can detect the browser that comes to it. the browser can be IE, FireFox, Cell phones and Robots.

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