rusty knife?

i have one NICE kitchen knife and it is getting rusty. how do i prevent this and/or get rid of the rust? is it as simple as a knife block? i have only seen chefs keep their knives in cloth/flannels..would that do it too?

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    you get rust on your knife a S.O.S. pad and some alcohol will take the rust right off.

    To extend the lifetime of your knives, wash them by hand. Knives that are washed in the dishwasher are exposed to harsh detergents, which will dull the cutting edge and they are exposed to intense and varied temperatures that can affect the temper of the steel. Damage is also likely to occur to the sharp edge of a knife if allowed to be knocked around by other items in a dishwasher.

    Wipe knives clean immediately after use to prevent the discoloration of the blade. This practice will also help to prevent foods from hardening onto the blade, allowing for easier cleaning.

    When washing in a sink of warm soapy water, do not place the knife in the sink with other items. This will avoid injury to the person washing the knife and it will avoid damage to the blade from the other items. Do not allow the knife to soak in the water. This will prevent damage to the blade and handle. Wash and dry immediately.

    Tip: Safely clean knives by laying the blade on a flat surface and wipe one side with a wet cloth, then turn and wipe the other side. Always use hot, soapy water to clean a knife that has been used to cut poultry, meat, or fish.

    If available, store knives in a wooden or polyethylene knife block. If one is not available, store knives in a sheath or, at a minimum, store the knives away from other utensils to prevent damage to the sharp edges.

    Make sure knives are kept sharp. A dull knife requires more effort when using and the more effort that is used, the more chance the blade can slip and cause injury. To test the sharpness of a blade, pull the blade lightly over a tomato. The blade should make a clean cut through the skin with little effort. Another method of testing the sharpness of a blade is to take a sheet of paper and try to cut strips from it by slicing with the knife. The knife should cut smoothly through the paper without resistance.

    Use a wood or polyethylene cutting board. Wood and polyethylene cutting boards create less resistance to the knife edge than ceramic, metal, or plastic cutting boards.

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    You might try steel wool and if it cleans up be sure to hand wash and dry it after use. And don't leave it soaking in the sink or put it in a dishwasher.

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    Yes I'd go to a doctor! There is this thing (sorry I forgot the name) you can get if metal/steel get in your blood. You can die from it. I suggest going to the hospital for a quick check up!

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    A knife won't get rusty if you actually use it

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    use this stuff called CLR. It removes calcium, lime, and rust. but READ THE INSTRUCTIONS TO SEE IF YOU CAN USE IT ON METAL

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