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How many sit ups / pressups every day to improve your Core quickly?

I'm trying to improve my core reasnobly quickly for help with my running and other athletic activity. On most websites it says the best way to improve your core is do do sit ups and press- ups ect. My question is approximately how many should i do ( of each) every day to improve my core quickly. thanks

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    quickly... well start with like as many as you can without hurting yourself (be gentle you have to heal everything you break quickly =P) then build up reps and/or difficultly... the question is how many sit ups or press ups can your body repair from each day... going for broke isn't a smart idea because every day you're just breaking more muscle tissue without repairing it... so a I think a gradual build up of reps and difficulty might be the way to go... but seriously don't knock yourself out lol

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    50 per day

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