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Can someone give me help how to beat the helicopter on the 5th mission with the bombers in Spiderman 3 on PC ?

Don't just say "yes" or something like that , just tell me how to beat the helicopter ;)

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    This mission is quite humorous because J. Johna Jameson will have to join you! After the cutscene, follow that helicopter, once you get close enough the enemies will drop off Jameson. Now Spidey will be carrying Jameson whilst chasing the helicopter. After a few moments of chasing,these baddies will set up a bomb on a building. Set Jameson down, beat up the enemies and then do a strong attack near the bomb to begin another swinging session. Remember to press the strong attack button when the little marker reaches the end part of the line. After this, the helicopter takes off again. Pick up Jameson and follow it! Pretty soon, these baddies will start setting up another bomb. Beat up the bad guys, then do the whole swinging mini game again. After you’ve disposed of this bomb, pick up Jameson once again and continue chasing down that helicopter until it stops and the top of a building. Set Jameson down and beat up the bad guys. Its time to fight;

    Boss – Carlyle ##############################################

    Photo - When he’s been forced out of the sky, use your combo on him and when he’s lying on the floor, that’s when you shoot... your camera that is!

    Not really a hard boss at all here, just an annoying one. Okay

    firstly a word of warning – DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING THE BUILDING YOU ARE ON!! Seriously, there is a weird glitch that happens if you jump off the building.Carlyle will just float above you and you won’t be able to continue with your game.

    Okay, Carlyle will spend his time hovering around you and shooting missiles at you. When he does, you’ll occasionally get the Circle icon on the right hand side of your screen. When you see this, press the wall crawl button and Spidey will use his webbing to hurl the missile back to Carlyle. You need to do this a few times. If you want, you can beat up his endless swarm of henchmen. There is no end to them. Anyways, after you’ve flung enough of Carlyle’s missiles back to him, he will lower to your level and start trying to attack you manually (A.K.A. He will now fight like a man). Just batter him with your normal combos, or if you really want to cause some damage, then hit him with some heavy attacks. After he’s taken enough damage, he’ll start hovering around the area again. Do exactly what you did before, fling his missiles back at him and eventually, he’ll lower himself to your level again. After taking a bit more damage, he’ll say that its time to finish this, which it is! This will begin a button press sequence.

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