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Boss or Uncle?

When I first arrived in Sarawak/Malaysia more than 10 years ago people used to call me 'Uncle' which was nice.

But as the times changed so did the terminology and nowadays everyone calls each other 'Boss' Everywhere I went one could hear "Hello boss, how are you boss, another drink boss" etc etc, which I didn't quite like so much.

So my question is:

What is your favourite/worse term of endearment?






Other names?

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    I call my girlfriend babe and they call me the same too. I hate it when stranger call me dear or sayang, feel like punching them...

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  • ¥op
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    1 decade ago

    one of the reason why people call people boss is just because some people don't like to be called uncle/pachik or auntie/machik. sometimes they feel they are too old for that especially those in their 40's and 50's, even though some times that title is very suitable for their appearance Normally 'boss' is used in daily local business which normally done in informal way. I prefer to call a person older than me 'abang' or 'kakak' which make the persons feel much more younger, and call persons younger than me 'adik'. This term i think more friendly and you'll feel more close to the person like brothers and sisters

    so to be one the safe side, people will choose 'boss'

    but I'm Bo$$, not Boss. and I got no money [actually got but never got enough]

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    Most of the times, my favourite terms in calling people would be:

    My Resort Guest - Sir or Madam

    My Hubby - Dear/Sayang

    my open minded Customer - Boss

    my colleague or friends - Bai/Macha

    Mamak stall waiter - Tambhi

    Sarcastic people - Donkey/Mangkuk Ayun

    stup*d/ too naive people - Bagak

    Source(s): Bob, 'Machang' is a district area in should be Macha la Bai... :-)
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think i would go with Uncle because they are bringing you into the family. Its very warm.

    Second would be mate. Nobody ever says that here in USA but i like it. Again, it shows that you are close.

    I'm not to fond of the bro or homeboy thing here in the states.

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    i like to call people "ma cha" means bro in law for in indian. we are malaysia and its common we call people with all the names that you mention. we are multi culture too...:)

    If have to choose between boss and uncle, i rather choose boss. uncle sounds much older :(

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  • 1 decade ago

    well for me,i don see any problem with tht term "boss"..

    i got few european friends tht were here n have been called tht name most e.where they go...and they dont have prob with tht ,plus they even say "malaysian are friendly".. i mean its not like they call u JACK A S S or sumthin r?? so whuts the big deal in it?

    i like ppl call me "girl"

    and i hate ppl call me " adik"

    gosh i hate i!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some people call me

    my junior (hes older pangkat uncle) : he calls me Maam (hate it man)

    the apeks n nyonya calls me : ah moi

    the pakcik/makcik/abang/kakak at kedai calls me : akak / kakak

    some maids call me : Neng

    some little kids now call me : makcik (makes me feel old)

    the people at work calls me by my two letter initials .. (everyone calls each other eg AR,RT,YE,EC etc..

    i with anything fine as long dont call me nenek sudah

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  • 1 decade ago

    I prefer to call people sir or ma'am. It is my way to show that i respect somebody.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Yo bro"

    I like people calling me that.

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  • azayi1
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    1 decade ago

    mine will be "machang"

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