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can i write letters to creditors to remove late pays on credit report?

just wondering if i call or write letters to creditors if they will remove late pays from credit report

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    I know the answer to this one by experience! So what you do is file a dispute ONLINE--then you don't have to worry about certified mail. Go to the credit reporting agency's website to do so. You can note the item that you're disputing and it is the credit reporting agency's responsibility to conduct an investigation and make a decision within 30 days. In my case, they removed the error. [Is this the best answer??]

  • GUS
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    You can certainly write letters asking that they remove late pays but most of them will not do it. If you were truly late they are obligated to report your payment history accurately.

    If the late pays are an error then you can dispute them directly with the credit bureaus. They will then verify the information with the creditors. Good Luck

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    You can always dispute information on your report that you don't believe is accurate with the credit bureaus directly. Certified mail is really the only way to make sure it gets done.

    Source(s): 10 years in mortgage banking
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    Yes that is how I cleaned up my credit.

    Read the Fair Credit Reporting Act on, so you will know how to right the letter.

    Always send the letters via Certified Mail.

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    Not generally. Late pays are a matter of record and there is no reason for them to be removed, unless there is an error.

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    If your payments were not late then you can write them and dispute it. They will have 30 days to answer your dispute.

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