2006 BMW 5- series or a Cadillac STS-V?

I am looking to buy either one of these. It will be a 2006 model whichever way I go. I know the STS-V has 469 hp, but that is not the only consideration. Any assistance will be appreciated. They are the only cars that I am considering.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you sure you don't mean the BMW M5-series? The regular 5-series is a significant step below the STS-V. The STS-V is practically an exotic compared to the 5-series.

    Of course, as you can see from many of the responses already, people see BMW and assume it's better than any domestic make. This is the typical attitude of (ignorant) non-car people. If you're more concerned with impressing the unwashed masses, go with the BMW. If you want to impress people who actually know cars, get the STS-V.

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    I used to sell for BMW. Considering that the bmw will probly be more expenxive then the caddy, its for more worth it. The bmw has maintence included for the 1st 50k miles. It also gets better gas mileage then the caddy. There is far more craftmanship and quaility in the bmw. Yes, they are made on a line just like every other car, but by people, not just solely machines. There is more time and effort put into a bmw. If you have driven one, You'll know. They handle MUCH better then the caddy...more stable at high speeds and sharp turns. The inside cabin noise on the bmw when driving is next to none. The caddy on the other hand has much more road noise, ect. The interior on the bmw is much better then the caddy. The wood and leather is much nicer.

    My dealership was next door to a caddy dealer, so i had lots of competitive comparisons coming thru my door. But hey, go drive both....its your money and your choice!!! Good luck!

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    Buy the BMW hands down. They hold their value longer than a Caddy plus better handling and performance overall. If you have driven both than you have already answered your question.

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    STS-V is tooooooooo expensive (assuming you aren't talking about the M5). I hate to say but maybe the bimmer is a better buy. consider the CTS-V which is a phenomenal car.

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    1 decade ago

    Boy............f course you should get a BMW!! I mean a BMW is of the hissy cause I have a 2007 sport BMW, that is black. Those junk drive fast.

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