What ever happened to Toni Childs on Girlfriends?

I'm trying to catch on whats been happening on UPNs show Girlfriends and I wanna known what happened to Toni Childs. How did she leave the show? And in which episode?

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    1 decade ago
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    she left in the 6th season, with Joan standing her up for her child custody case which got dismissed (Joan was supposed to be a character witness but showed up really late mainly because she went to some party got drunk, and her porsche ended up in a pool, then she tried to take a taxi but had no money..so she got there very late, and the girls were upset because she could have potentially jeopardized the custody case, But Todd dropped the case. But that whole season Joan and Toni really weren't getting along because Joan had the big head because her restaurant was doing well and she was a mini celebrity(or at least she thought she was) and she kept letting all the other girls down.I don't think they have shown those re-runs yet..don't know why. But they mentioned her absence in the beginning of this season and said she was moving back to New York because Todd had gotten another job there, and she wanted her child to be closer to her dad. But in real life Jill Marie refused to renew her contract, the producers really wanted her to stay but she didn't want to.

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    Toni Childs (the character).. moved to New York or something.

    The actress decided to leave the show last season.

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    Well, according to the novelization, she perished as a result of tertiary syphillis.

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    1 decade ago

    omg good question, i was wondering too!! i never got an answer,,,,im gonna starr your question so i can check back and see if someone knows why! i have been dying to find out why she left and how they put in the sitcom...

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