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What is some strong evidence against evolution?

I'm writing a speech on evolutionary innaccuracy. I have a ton of stuff already but I need more. Evolution is a lie, God created everything. So if you have a good website or somethin post it. Thanks =]

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    lol, it's like asking for strong evidence against gravity.

    I say you have nothing, but you know, if you can REALLY refute such a strong-standing theory as evolution, you would achieve LIFETIME fame and fortune, without a doubt. Nobel Prize or two would be in the bag. Strange how none of these people who claim to have all this evidence ever seem to come up with it...

    ...oh, that's right, it's because their arguments are ridiculous, and crumble under even the most minor scrutiny.

    I'd bet you $100 that all of your 'stuff' is long-refuted arguments that hold no water. Feel free to prove me wrong, though...if you can. ;)

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    1 decade ago

    And who will be in the audience for your speech? Do you think anybody with at least some brain will attend? So, what does it matter what you say? You'll have people as brainwashed as you are listening to you and they'll agree with anything you say.

    And if evolution is a lie and God created everything, why make a speech? it's been decided, it's a fact according to you. Would you write a speech on "2x2=4?" It's a fact and no need for another speech.

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    The previous due Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusettes is a spiritual Catholic, yet he fought annoying to have evoluton taught in colleges, because of the fact he's familiar with the cost of technological information training. The Catholic Church, in turn, would not deny evolution, in spite of the actuality that it as quickly as did. people who nonetheless deny evolution are sort of like flat earth theorists. they could end denying scientific info and be further screaming and kicking into the twenty first century. There are some international places that still stay in the thirteenth century technologically because of the fact they deny evolution and that they don't instruct their scholars technological information in colleges. the only reasons they have multiple the favorite centers we've is via the fact they offered them from international places wherein scientists have made them attainable via their learn. If we start up coaching creationism in colleges, we are able to finally end up young babies that are unaware of technological information, and we are able to almost immediately grow to be as some distance at the back of technologically as a number of those international places that permit faith dictate what can learn in colleges.

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    Sorry pal, but there isn't really any strong evidence against evolution. Even your statement of "Evolution is a lie, God created everything" is flawed and inaccurate. It seems to suggest that evolution and religion are mutually exclusive. In other words, "if you DO believe in evolution, they you DON'T believe God created everything", which is, of course, preposterous. Good luck on that speech...ha ha ha...

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  • Fred
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    You are obviously not very bright. You claim to know that evolution is a lie, which shows how stupid you are. Even if god created everything, and even if it was your god, a very big stretch indeed, how does that make evolution a lie. Since you obviously are a very poor thinker, I recommend that you take a class in thinking, rather than asking for more rubbish to make your rubbish sound less like rubbish.

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    I think that most of the evidence against evolution is based on faith. I mean, they found bones and skulls! But don't think for a second that the evolution theory is fool-proof....there are some holes in it.

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    You DON'T want to give a speech about how evolution is a lie, or else people are going to think your just another zealous moron. If you're a Christian, that's the LAST thing you want people to think of you, if you're intent on spreading the word of God. :S

    The only hole in the theory of evolution that I can think of is the question "how did the first single-celled organism evolve, and from what?"

    But really, if God created everything, what's stopping Him from creating the process of evolution?

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    Oh, I can just imagine what a fount of wisdom THAT'S going to be.

    I suggest you just make things up, employing your no doubt considerable reserves of ignorance. Nothing you get from any other sources will be any better.


    Daryl B: the evolution of the eye has been elucidated in extremely fine detail. It's actually very easy for evolution to achieve - which is why eyes were independently evolved by several different creatures. Get a clue.

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    The burden of proof is on the hypothesis or theory, not on the case against it. Question the evidence put forth FOR evolution. Play the adversarial advocate. Research the evidence put forth, try to put it together and find the weak spots.

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    Honey, think a bit.

    God created everything - OK, that's true. But that does not mean He did not choose to use evolution as part of His process.

    Don't get all stirred up by the 6-day stuff. "Day" also means "era" or time period.

    Source(s): My Bible, my physics degrees and my faith
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