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How come the little hummingbird abandoned her nest?

I have a little hummingbird nest and she laid two eggs in it. One of them hatched about a week ago and the other didn't. She has been feeding it regularly and is always at the nest. Today, she is nowhere to be found. The last time I saw her was yesterday and she was feeding her baby. What should I do?


Also, she's right outside the window of my office so I always see her (I can't miss her because I work at home and am always at my computer) but she hasn't been there all day which is VERY rare for her.

Update 2:

I just checked the nest since she hasn't been there all day and the little baby is dead. =0( Thanks for all your answers.

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    I think she is still there tending to the baby and you are just missing her visits to the nest...they can stay away for 45 minutes to an hour or a little longer depending on the chicks age. They will sometimes make very quick stops at the nest to feed and you may just not be looking at the precise moment she is there. It is highly unusual for a bird to abandon at such a late stage. She may be having to forage longer and longer as the chick gets bigger and needs a larger amount of food. Remember she also has to feed herself as well, so I think this is the case.

    Source(s): I am an ornithologist (bird biologist)
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    Leave it alone!!!

    She's probably still around. Hummingbirds need an incredible amount of calories to keep themselves going, so she might be feeding somewhere.

    Or, you could have looked away for a minute and missed her feeding the baby.

    Contact the wildlife rescuers near you. They will tell you the same thing, but if it does become an emergency, you will have some information as to where to take the baby, and how not to hurt it.

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