I know that they don't have to, but can homeschooled students take standardized tests to see how they compare

to students in public or private schools? I know that in general, homeschooled students will excel, but are they allowed to take the tests? If their parents wanted them to?

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    My son has taken the ITBS twice (proctored by me through BJUP) in the past, and this year he took the EXPLORE test (an out-of-level test) through the Center for Talent Development's (Northwestern University) Midwest Academic Talent Search.

    I do not give him the tests to compare him to public/private school students. I give them to watch for progression and help distinguish where he may have more struggles (and the results are spot-on for what I know from teaching him). Sadly, I also give them to "prove a point" with anti-HS'ing relatives. Yeah, I give in a bit there. But I like to show proof of how he's doing - in the 99th percentile across the board. :-)

    Some school districts allow HS'ed students to sit for exams with other students. However, districts only test in certain grade levels. Most HS'ing families who want to test do like I did and sign up to be a test administrator themselves (bachelor's degree or certified teacher), or they take it with other HS'ed students through a support group (I'm going to proctor an exam), or they participate in the talent searches. The ITBS was a "joke" for my son, even when I advanced him several grades. The EXPLORE did a much better job of showing not only where he was against *all* 8th graders (it's an 8th grade test), but also how he did against all the other MATS 3rd graders who took it.

    Many HS'ers are anti-testing because they feel their children don't need it. That's fine and I respect that decision. We just choose to do it for more record keeping. Also, then my son can participate in other programs with those scores in hand. He'll be able to take the ACT and/or SAT in the 6th grade. That will allow him early entrance into college courses. His EXPLORE test scores will allow him to take high school courses.

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    That depends on *which* standardized tests you are talking about and where you live. Some states *require* homeschooled students to take their state test just like public school students. Others (like Texas) have no requirements for standardized testing (you don't ever have to give a test).

    If you live in one of the states where you are not required to test, you can still order them through Bob Jones University Testing Service (see link below). Or, you could download one of the old state exams and just administer it yourself. I've included a link to the released tests for Texas if you want to use them.

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    Any parent can opt out, and it is a good idea. Tests tell us nothing about how our children are doing academically. If you do decide to test your child, for goodness sake, DO NOT allow the district to test your child. Find an independent testing facility or a private school that will allow your child to test with their students and send the results to you. The school does not need to collect the additional information on your child.

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    Most home school families go through non-public school services, since home school curriculum's, and public school curriculum's are often not even remotely the same.

    If the state does not require testing, I do not understand why the quality of your work cannot be your measuring stick?

    Home schooling is not about comparing yourself to the public schools, but rather a way to excel at your own speed, and ability.

    However if you like, these tests can be obtained from several home school academies.

    They are very inexpensive, you take them at home, send them back, and you will receive the results.

    Here are some of the places you could check on getting them.

    I believe that your parent does have to have a BA to administer the Iowa Basic, but not for the CAT; which I think is the better one.




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    If you are in high school and just want to see if you have 'gaps' in your education, go to the Community College in your area and ask for a practice placement test.

    You may also want to try the webpage for your county school to see if they have practice tests online. We use the quiz sections on the textbooks' webpages and from the schools' webpages to learn. Many explain the answers if you need help. It is a great way to test your knowledge and to learn.

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    We used the BJU Stanford testing this year, a lady in our group was proctor, they require that the proctor (and as long as they qualify, the proctor can be a parent) have at least a Bachelors degree.

    Unfortunately we won't get our results back until July.

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    Yes, they are allowed to take the tests. In many states, they have to take the tests.

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    You are allowed to order tests or have them taken, but why would you want to do that? Why would you want to compare your child to others in public school? You are homeschooling so you shouldn't have to compare.

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    I am home schooled and every year I am required to take the S.A.T. (Stanford Achievement Test)

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    yeah you can but why? not everyone can be sumed up in a test.

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