Is tuna in the canned cooked or not? I know the answer do you?

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    It's all cooked during the canning process. Some (specialty brands purporting to be "gourmet" or "premium") are only cooked then, other tuna (large commercial brands) are already cooked once before being cooked the second time during the canning process.

    "Specialty brand tuna is also processed differently. The larger commercial canneries, such as Starkist ™, cook their fish twice. First, they bake the fish whole on a rack, which causes a loss of natural beneficial oils, but makes the fish easier to de-bone. After the bones are removed, the fish is put into the can-along with flavorings like vegetable broth, and additives such as pyrophosphate or hydrolyzed casein-and cooked again. Specialty tuna products are typically packed into the can raw and cooked only once, so all their natural juices and fats remain in the finished product." (1)

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    Well since caned tuna is already cooked you would just be heating it nothing would be lost try a tuna salad or tuna casserole or maybe tuna melt all are good.

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    What kind of Q is that??

    It's cooked unless you get some wierdo, supposted to be, un-cooked tuna.

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    It is cooked.

    Raw tuna has a different color (red) and texture (softer and not flaky). It has a much different flavor too.

    Personally, I'll take a nice piece of sashimi over the canned stuff any day, but that's just me.

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    Its cooked

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    Cooked. Obviously you don't know the answer otherwise you wouldn't have asked lol.

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    It's cooked....because if it wasn't cooked it would be red...

    but it's cooked because it is a white/tan color.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How stupid your question is! Of course it is cooked. It has to be cooked!

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    Wow! Bored today, are we? And for the record, it is cooked.

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