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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCorporations · 1 decade ago

SWOT analysis of the WTO?

im running a swot analysis of the WTO and i wanted to know what do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the WTO (im mainly interested in these 2)- about the weaknesses im focusing a lot on those that -vely effect developing countries-

i would be most gratful if you could help and please cite ur sources.

thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "SWOT analysis is a simple framework for generating strategic alternatives from a situation analysis."

    "SWOT Analysis Limitations

    While useful for reducing a large quantity of situational factors into a more manageable profile, the SWOT framework has a tendency to oversimplify the situation by classifying the firm's environmental factors into categories in which they may not always fit. The classification of some factors as strengths or weaknesses, or as opportunities or threats is somewhat arbitrary. For example, a particular company culture can be either a strength or a weakness. A technological change can be a either a threat or an opportunity. Perhaps what is more important than the superficial classification of these factors is the firm's awareness of them and its development of a strategic plan to use them to its advantage."

    Mission Statement: "The WTO's stated goal is to improve the welfare of the peoples of its member countries, specifically by lowering trade barriers and providing a platform for negotiation of trade.[25] Its main mission is "to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible". This main mission is further specified in certain core functions serving and safeguarding five fundamental principles, which are the foundation of the multilateral trading system.[26]" - Wikepedia

    Source(s): I think you should do some background reading on the WTO itself, particularly its mission statement. Then read up on SWOT and PEST analysis in general (see the links).
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  • 4 years ago

    out of your question, I carry jointly you're doing a SWOT diagnosis for a sparkling industry for the business corporation to function in, so the respond isn't any! you ought to do a SWOT diagnosis for any new corporation - and merely because of the fact a company is new would not end it having strengths and weaknesses! you're attempting to artwork out which industry the business corporation ought to enter. of course, a number of those would be united states appropriate - what type of industry is it? Is bribery a consumer-friendly situation? Is the country solid? Is the forex solid? Will there be a language barrier? you will additionally seem on the hot industry - how a lot opposition is there? what is going to the call for for the business corporation's products be? what's transportation like? What are labour demands like? Are you production or exporting? What tax responsibilities will ought to be paid? What are residences like? quite, you're doing 7 'Newco' SWOT analyses - one for each united states. a number of them would be united states-appropriate, yet no longer all of them! Please recognize a potential is additionally a weak spot, a potential would be an hazard etc. solid success with your undertaking - and don't hesitate to touch me in case you want any further help!

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