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For Those Of You Who Respect Jimmy Carter.. .. .Do You Remember 1979 ?

Amongst a plethora of problems and mistakes of the Carter presidency, there was 1979, the Iranian hostage crisis . If you aren't old enough to remember, I'm not sure if simply reading about it will give you the full meaning of the crisis . We, as Americans were fed-up with his non-action and non-effort to get the hostages home . I don't call a couple of helicopters crashing in a sand-storm real effort.... and neither did the rest of America . There was constant outrage, and frustration with a President who would not take firm action . If you rely on simply reading a story about it, you've spent 5 minutes pondering the situation . If you lived every day and every moment of it, you'll have a different outlook . Couple that with the oil embargo, gas lines blocks long, gas rationing, and the foolhardy Panama Canal Treaty, and you've got the makings of weakness and chaos . We've all got opinions, but the American voter gave Reagan the biggest LANDSLIDE in U.S. history as a result .

Agree ?

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    You can look at all of the world hot spots right now and trace the roots of these problems back to Jimmy Carter.

    In Korea, he undermined Clintons efforts by going to North Korea and negociated paying blackmail to the North Korean's. It's true Clinton didn't have to go along with the deal but Carter got the ball rolling.

    Terrorism in the middle east and around the world is being funded by the same Iranian government that Carter was held hostage by. They sponser the terrorist in Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Iraq and Afghanistan. Carter's failure to deal forcefully with the Iranians helped to establish the situation we now have.

    His negociations with the Isrealis set up the current mess there.

    He is a good smart man but is horribly misguided. He should be laughed off the world stage.

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    And then we get Reaganomics, yeay! I'm still waiting for my trickle! Sorry I was born in 1982 and cant say I remember. Just had to answer to say that Reagan was not a saint and that even his wife fought against his policies later in life.....Lord help me for the coming criticism....

    Lets also say that instead of peace talks we barged into Iran back in 1979? Guns blazing, yee-haw! Is that what we should have done? Do you think they wouldn't have made the oil embargo if we attacked? Could we have taken control of the country and its oil supply helping out our big Daddys poket books? Is your last name Haliburton or Cheney? Okay I crossed the line just shoot me, oh no your with the NRA you will shoot because you have no respect for human life except when it is just a couple of cells in the womb. Women start burying your tampons you are waisting, basically killing, possible human life. Shame on you.

    I apologize for the rant. I know you probably only apologize to God in your prayers and no one else because apologizing means weakness to you. I don't believe Jesus would see it that way. Oh jeez, I brought up Jesus being on my side how dare I. He is only for you to use.

    Dang, I just cant stop spewing critisism at you. What I mean to say is compare what you said "If you aren't old enough to remember, I'm not sure if simply reading about it will give you the full meaning of the crisis . We, as Americans were fed-up with his non-action and non-effort to get the hostages home." Replace hostages with "troops" and compare to our situation in Iraq now. Non-action and non-effort. You may have a good point about Carter, but what would the alternative have cost us?

    This is about Carter, sure your right....but...28 yrs later...I WILL be saying the same about Bush. Only about how he did the opposite and caused just as many problems (if not more in the next 30 yrs.), and guess what? It still won't matter just as this doesn't matter either.

    Again, I apologize for any rudeness (Or ignorance of not being born in time) on my part. May we all learn to love and understand each other. Why the hell do I take offense on Yahoo! answers? Thats gonna be my next

    Source(s): the retarded little voice in my head that wont shut up....
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    What I remember was the cost of the war in Vietnam shortening the money supply and causing interest rates to rise home foreclosures rose dramatically and the stock market was reaching new highs .

    Out side of rising interest rates ,we have almost the same situation today as we did then . Unemployment was high then as it is now .

    Just today when you run out of unemployment and move in with family they do not count you as Un-employed .

    Millions of households have family members with kids moving into mom and dads or grandparents houses .

    This is the first major migration back to the nest since since the industrial revolution . Three and four paychecks are needed to hold on to the one asset poor working people have left .

    Property taxes have tripled and many people on fixed incomes can not even hold on to homes they paid off 20 years ago . Good thing your forty year old grand-daughter and the two kids needed a place to live . She can help care for grandma and help with the bills while collecting food stamps to feed the kids and working at a job 30 hours a week so companies can avoid paying benefits .

    You must be wearing rose colored glasses because we seem to look at America and see two different things .

    You see the greatest economy in a century as the media is reporting all the time and I hear professors and researchers from harvard and yale and berkley all screaming that we have abandoned the middle class ,exported good paying jobs that will not return , have a trade deficit with several nations and our only true economic power is the value of a declining dollar .

    So since we have doom and gloom in one hand and sunshine and millions in profits in the other for a select elite few who can afford to play the market ,What do you think should happen ????.

    I want capital gains taxes and inheritance taxes at a much higher level . This is not a punishment for the rich but rather a reminder that with great wealth also comes a great cost to pay for the ability to live so well .

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    Earnest ... Agreed! And please don't forget the double-digit inflation of that era. While I feel that part of the cause for the inflation was the Arab oil embargo that occurred a few years prior, the hyper-inflation was caused by the Carter administration's belief that 5% unemployment was not acceptable. By artificially keeping interest rates low to provoke the economy, while the unemployment rates hardly changed, this practice did provoke and intensify the hyper-inflation of that period.

    All this was corrected by Fed chairman Paul Volcker who, together with the Reagan administration, put the brakes to the corrosive inflation of this period. Yes, unemployment spiked for a time after these new policies were instituted, but this was necessary in order to stop the inflation, thereby laying the foundation for the long and sustained period of widespread economic health and prosperity that followed.

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    Totally agree with you on that one.

    Stagflation was skyhigh during the Carter administration.Not to forget, 1979 was also the year the Soviet Union invaded Afganistan. Coupled with the Iranian revolution, the hostage rescue debacle, and the oil crisis, Americans felt that the Carter administration was the most inept. It felt like we were not only losing our credibility as the leader of the free world, but totally rudderless in terms of leadership from the Oval office.

    Watching TV those days was just simply frustrating... Can still vividly recall the images on TV of the many episodes that happened in 1979.

    Then again, what can you expect from a President who is a member of the Trilateral Commission.

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    Jimmy Carter was the worst President of the 20th century.[And no, this isn't supposed to make Bush look good. This is about Jimmy Carter.] Jimmy Carter was inept and fumbling at everything he did as President. He received no respect from anyone, and the American people showed that by giving him only a 4-year term. He's been a tamperer as a former president--and I mean prior to Bush. The only decent thing he's done is his homebuilding for the poor. Why can't he shut up and do the one thing that he does well?

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    vaguely.. I was prette stoned back then.. Carter wasn't the worst or the best.. I don't think he was ready for the hardball environment of world politics. He tried to play nice with ruthless people and got run over. Away from Washington he's a fine individual. His philanthropic ventures benifit many many people who otherwise would never have a chance.

    Regan? Don't get me started on that ********, His scary mother hen anti american wife or his little freakazoid child the DEA planted to stop the legalization of Mj. they need to DEported!

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    Yes, I do remember.

    I remember someone trading arms and money to Iran for the hostages to be held beyond election day. They were released moments after Red Ink Reagans inauguration.

    I remember Carter trying to use diplomacy instead of bombs to get our people back, failing miserably. Was it his own failings or back room dealings to KEEP AMERICAN CITIZENS HELD HOSTAGE IN ORDER TO SWING AN ELECTION the history books may never know.

    I remember my uncle in the Marines, telling me that someone leaked the mission status that got the helocopters shot down.

    Still not a good time in American History, and not one of our better Presidents.

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    Lets not forget the long gas lines and the 17% mortgage rates either. Carter was a cluster F for America.

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    Raygun was a better president than Carter. Agreed. I remember it and lived through it. Raygun did something about the gas prices, why hasn't Bush? Like open the Strategic Reserves like other presidents have done. Bush is the first president in American History to refuse to open the reserves for this reason. Yet, he has no qualms 'loaning' oil out of the reserves to big oil.

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