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    "Life expectancy:"

    A Chinese White Dolphin can live as long as 40 years. The eldest dolphin lives in Hong Kong and is known to be about 33 years old. Scientists have discovered that the age of a dead dolphin can be determined by observing the cross section of its teeth.

    "Color changes in growth period:"

    Birth: Black in color.

    Childhood: Grey in color.

    Youth age: Pinkish grey with spots.

    Adult: Pinkish white and the spots will fade out.

    "Reproductive cycle:"

    The Chinese White Dolphins usually mate from the end of summer to autumn.

    Infant dolphins are usually born eleven months after the mating

    Female white dolphins become mature at ten years old while the males become mature at thirteen years old.

    Mature female white dolphins can give birth every three years and the parental care will last until their offspring can find food themselves.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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