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    歌名﹕Don't Write Me Off (別把我 刪掉)


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    別把我 刪掉

    憑歌譜詞寄意 對我來說 是從來不易

    這一次 我是真的 有話要跟你說

    還盼您見諒 我這幾句 由衷的 東歪西倒的 怪詞怪語

    自跟您遇上 我的生命 就變得不一樣

    那不單單只是 您給我 重新擺放的傢俱而已

    從前我總是 活在過去 是您把我 帶回來

    而我竟一直沒察覺 直至Frankie跟我說 別慌

    我知道 以我的過往記錄

    我絕非 您的最佳選擇

    我只想跟您說 可不可別把我 就這樣 刪掉

    這些年來 我都跟自己 一遍又一遍的重複說著 一樣的老故事

    告訴自己 我是欣然的活在 昔日所謂的光輝之中

    然而是您 給予了我 重生的機會和理由

    我想跟您說 我需要您

    雖然您 都給我澆死了 我家裡的花花草草

    我知道 我已錯過了 太多的機會

    太多 能有的機會 我都 錯過了

    我只想跟您說 可不可別把我 就這樣 刪掉

    別把我 刪掉

    Below is the original lyrics, courtesy to Yahoo Search:

    Don't write me off

    It's never been easy for me

    To find words to go along with a melody

    But this time there's actually something on my mind

    So please forgive these few brief awkward lines

    Since I met you my whole life has changed

    It's not just my furniture you've rearranged

    I was living in the past but somehow you've brought me back

    And I haven't felt like this since before Frankie said relax

    And though I know based on my track records

    I might not seem like the safest bet

    All I'm asking you is don't write me off just yet

    For years I've been telling myself the same old story

    That I'm happy to live of my so-called former glories

    But you've given me a reason to take another chance

    Now I need you despite the fact you've killed all my plants

    And though I know I've already blown more chances

    That anyone should ever get

    All I'm asking you is don’t write me off just yet

    Don't write me off just yet

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    有收錄在原聲帶~~ 請看看(第9首歌曲)﹕


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    應該是這首吧love autopsy



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