I'm between these majors before law school:Biology and Political Science,which could be better...????

I only like these two but I don't know which one should I choose.What do you think??????????I know the speech that law schools don't care about your major but your LSAT.I only want to know which could be more useful for me.Thanks for your advices!!!!!

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    I'm a pre-law poli-sci major. I really think it doesn't matter, but I think poli-sci gives you a good understanding of not only the political theory and government that would be helpful to have in law school, but also the writing and analytical skills that are crucial to doing well in law school too. I think the POSC major is more relevant than Bio as far as the skills you require in that major, but like I said, I think it'd be hard to prove that one has a better chance of getting you into law school.

  • Phil
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    1 decade ago

    I think you should probably focus on the one you enjoy the most! I doubt that one will be significantly stronger for a Law School admission than the other, and you'll do better in whatever is most interesting.

    If that doesn't decide it for you, then I suggest Biology. The reasons are, they have a lot of PoliSci majors applying, someone with a background in Biology will stand out a bit.

    Also, on a practical level, when you become a lawyer, a technical and scientific background may help you find employment more easily. And I think biology would let you specialize in a variety of areas, such as patent law perhaps focusing in biotechnology (I know that's a place where there is a lot of demand and good pay) or even help you with something like medical malpractice, because you'd better understand issues and science in general.

    But again, it really would be best to focus on what really interests you and motivates you, just because...!

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is a double major a possibility for you? I can see advantages to both possibilities. The poly sci major would give you a better grasp of governmental structure and political theory, plus more opportunities to develop your writing skills, which are absolutely essential to law students. The biology major would be quite useful in developing a practice in a variety of areas including biotechnology, patent law and so on.

    My experience with admissions committees is that they do not spend a great deal of time debating what the prospective student's undergraduate major was unless the student is on the border for one reason or another. If that is the case, they may consider whether they know anything about how rigorous that major department is at that particular school (if that information is known). In my experience, excellent performance in a double major in diverse fields is usually well looked upon.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would do biology because then you could practice patent law which would open up a ton more lucrative opportunities for you after law school. You can't practice patent law or intellectual property if you don't have a science undergrad degree. With the job market right now, there are so many opportunities for intellectual property and patent law and you may regret forgoing the opportunity to practice in this area, if you are sincerely interested in science.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely Biology. Too many poli-sci majors apply to Law School, so many of them don't make it in.

  • 1 decade ago

    Biology definitely. You can end up as a patent law attorney - very high paying field of law.

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