I am thinking of upgrading my video card, but I'm getting pro & con input from friends .?

I am running an AMD Athalon 64 2800+, 1.80 Ghz.

I currently have a GeForce 5700VE and am looking at a Saffire 100195L Radeon X1650 512 MB GDDR2 PCI Express x16 (I saw it a newegg - item number N82E16814102084 at a pretty good price).

Will it work on my system? Will I see a noticable difference in video performance? Any other productive input would be helpful.

By the way...the $81 price tag is a huge factor in this choice.


it is used mainly for gaming.

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  • Karz
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    1 decade ago
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    I believe your 5700VE is an AGP card w/ 425mhz core and just 4 pixel pipelines.

    Your new card of choice is a PCIe card and not compatible w/ your AGP slot. You should consider the AGP version of the X1650 or cards like the 7300GT AGP and 7600GS AGP. Performance difference is noticeable with these 8 pipelines or more cards and more so if you get ddr3. 512mb videoram is not always fully utilized in games. 256mb ddr3 will beat it ALL THE TIME.

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    You will see massive improvement as that card is very old. Most new games ie. oblivion, half life 2 , and etc. will be able too play.


    Althought youll be able to play new games not expect high settings trust me( i have a x1600 pro and a 3200+ and can barely play newer games at anything higher the mid to low)

    Your cpu will hold it back alot you should upgrade that one too.

    You have to make sure your power supply can handle it if not thats ithewr a worthless card or more $ for the power supply.

    Overall if you really want it take it if not just wait too upgrade for something better.

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    4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    depends what you are using your comp for???

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