Doctor Who and Cardiff?

A friend of mine, my sister and I are huge Doctor Who fans and want to visit Cardiff to see the Doctor Who exhibition.

We're wondering what other sort of Doctor Who-type things there is to do, like are there maps of filming locations and such?

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    I have the pleasure of living in Cardiff and seeing Doctor Who locations all the time! If you go to the exhibition at the Bay there is a video that shows locations from the first series. The exhibition is at Cardiff Bay, which contains several filming locations:

    Exterior of the Torchwood Hub

    The Welsh Assembly building - the interior for the Lazarus Experiment

    The Millenium Centre - interior for New Earth

    In Cardiff's town centre are other locations:

    Temple of Peace is interior for The End of the World and Gridlock

    Cardiff Museum is exterior for Lazarus Experiment

    Howell's shop is Henrik's shop in many episodes

    Other locations in South Wales:

    Southerndown Beach, Bridgend - Bad Wolf Bay in Doomsday

    Swansea Bay, Swansea - Cardiff in The Unquiet Dead

    Hensol Castle, Glamorgan - interior for 10 Downing St, Slitheen episodes (and forthcoming season finale?)

    The BEST website for a location guide is:

    Use to find maps of these locations.

    Hope you enjoy your time in our fantastic city!

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    do no longer think of you will desire to do the two in one day extremely seeing as they're the two particularly a approaches far flung from London and in distinctive guidelines! I stay in cardiff and it takes 2.5 - 3 hours on coach to get to London and that i've got completed day journeys there interior the previous and that is fantastic, yet i think of you will desire to truly only evaluate doing a variety of activities in one day. or do only it over 2 days if thats plausible? (in case you had to %. nevertheless, % healthcare expert who adventure its extremely stable and in assessment to the stonehenge it should not be around perpetually - additionally stonehenge is extremely only a circle of rocks and that's it, no longer in a foul way yet there's no longer something there) there is likewise multiple different activities you're able to do in cardiff interior the sunlight hours right here, we've super shops and many activities that run 365 days around. Have a impressive holiday anyplace you make certain to bypass :)

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    I don't know your answer: but wish I could go too. Dr Who is the Man. Cheers

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